‘Pessimism seems to be bad for the heart’

‘Pessimism seems to be bad for the heart’

Pessimistic people seem to more often have heart problems. People who have negative things to look at have to two times more likely to have heart disease.

Researchers of the Paijat-Hame hospital in Finland, examined eleven years 2.267 women and men between 52 and 76 years old. Them was six sentences presented in which they had to say or smote them.

“In uncertain times, I expect usually the best” and “if something can go wrong, that happens” were a few of the sentences which the participants had to say whether they themselves could find. The answers were on a scale of zero to four: four was quite true, zero, not at all.

The cholesterol levels, blood pressure and glucoselevels of the participants were over the years measured. In the eleven years of death of 122 people with heart problems. After verification that the death has something to do with smoking, diabetes, and other factors too, the researchers how much influence the pessimism had on the participants.

The people who have the highest scores on pessimism, were two times as likely to die of heart disease. Optimistic turned out to have no effect.

“Your personality can have health problems worsen. If you’re pessimistic and all health problems, it is even more important to your health to watch”, said lead researcher Mikko Pankalainen in BMC Public Health.

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