Pepper spray cause of ill people at the airport of Hamburg

Pepper spray cause of ill people at the airport of Hamburg

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The cause of the collapses of dozens of people at the airport of Hamburg seems to be pepper spray. This was noticed by the police after initial investigation. The airport was Sunday afternoon for an hour evacuated.

This happened after almost seventy people last had their eyes and their lungs. Their airways were probably irritated by a toxic substance through the luchtventilatiesysteem was distributed.

It is unclear how and why the pepper spray in the air-conditioning system. A van with pepper spray was found during the investigation of the ventilation system at the airport.

Earlier there was talk of a possible gas leak. The police, during a press conference ruled out that it was going to be a terrorist attack.

Hamburg airport temporarily evacuated due to possible toxic air

No risk

The authorities took no risk and ontruimden the entire complex. It was also by the fire brigade, a treatment center for victims set up. In total had 68 people because of the complaints will be handled.

Hundreds of passengers were, meanwhile, are waiting outside, but now inside again. Also the air traffic, which for some time interrupted, is resumed.

Airport Hamburg temporarily evacuated after possible gas leak

The airport of the German city of Hamburg is Sunday afternoon an hour cleared been after dozens of people sick had become.
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There would be a poisonous substance detected in the air conditioning.
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There may be a gas leak, report German media. The entire airport was evacuated, but by 14.00 hours gave the police the terminals.
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Strong smell

According to the emergency services was a “strong odor” observed in the space where passengers and baggage are checked. Probably it is an unknown substance in the climate control system. Research must show what the cause was of the disturbance.

Hamburg is the fifth largest airport of Germany. Annually, the airport handles 16 million passengers. The KLM operates flights from amsterdam airport Schiphol to Hamburg.

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