‘People with sleep disorders have greater risk of asthma’

‘People with sleep disorders have greater risk of asthma’

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People who suffer from insomnia would be more at risk for asthma to develop. That people with asthma are more likely to have sleep problems had already been shown, but now it would the reverse also be the case.

The researchers examined a over 17,000 persons between 20 and 65 years. Them was for ten years, raised questions about the quality of their sleep. Also, they had to let you know if they symptoms of asthma episodes.

From the results, published in the European Respiratory Journal, showed that the participants who often or almost every night, difficult falling asleep, considerably more risk in the next eleven years asthma to develop. For people with difficult sleep to summarize, increased the risk by 65 percent. Persons almost every night, had problems, even 108 percent.

Woke up early

Subjects who reported regularly to waking up early and then sleep came, were also more likely to have asthma. The risk increased by 92 percent for people who often suffer from had and 36 percent in the case of persons who have this problem almost every night experiences. icipants who reported that they more often than suffered from insomnia, noticed the chance on the development of asthma increased by 94 percent.

Patients who suffer from chronic insomnia have a three times greater chance of the disease to the airways compared with people who have the disease don’t have. The changes which a body experiences with insomnia have a major effect on the respiratory tract, say researchers from the HUNT Research Centre.

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