“People with large active Facebook network live longer’

“People with large active Facebook network live longer’

Photo: AFP

People with a high or moderate social network on Facebook live longer than people with very small or small networks.

Researchers came to that conclusion after examining more than 12 million users of the platform, it is evident from the study that was published in the scientific journal PNAS.

The researchers compared the health records of the users with their activities on Facebook during half a year. Having a socially active life through the use of Facebook varies according to the scientists, together with a better health.

The size of the social network is linked to the feature of ‘offline’ relationships, which is already known is that which has a positive relation with the health of people.

Other scientists argue that the results from the study confirm what has already been longer thought, it is a principle of social contacts has a positive influence on the life of people.


The scientists from the universities of California, Yale and Harvard found that people who have more friend requests, will receive a lower mortality rate. The relationship was not found for users who friend requests to send.

Facebookers that are mainly written status updates places have according to the scientists more often suffer from health problems than users that photos and videos of social events outside of Facebook.


Because Facebook according to the researchers, “unique”, it can not be argued that the conclusions also hold true for other social networks.

There was by the researchers, no causal association was found between the use of Facebook and a direct effect on the health of users. Thus, it is unclear whether users will be happier with more social contacts or because of the social contacts.

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