“People with incurable cancer are living longer’

“People with incurable cancer are living longer’

People are living longer with incurable cancer despite many years of metastases. New medications or repeated treatments to keep the disease under control.

It turns out that that Saturday to figures from the comprehensive Cancer centre the Netherlands (IKNL) is retrieved by the Volkskrant.

The IKNL looked at fifteen forms of cancer and how many patients already have metastases with the diagnosis and how many percent of these people after five and ten years, still alive. It was found that the number of people that after five years was still alive, on average, increased from an average of 6,9 to 8,6 per cent in twenty years time.

The number of people that after ten years, still alive, rose from an average of 3.5 percent to 4.4 percent in fifteen years time. In the study, not all forms of cancer taken into account.

Breast cancer

The survival rate differs in different forms of cancer. So would the figures show that in metastatic melanoma after ten years 10 percent of the patients still alive. In lung cancer with metastases, this is 0.8 percent. The IKNL blame this on a lack of the right drugs.

The chances of survival for breast cancer increased in the last ten years-precisely because better drugs were available, according to the Cancer center in the newspaper.

According to the IKNL were there at the beginning of this year 27.800 patients who have already had at least five years of cancer with metastases.

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