People shop healthier in online supermarket

People shop healthier in online supermarket

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Online order groceries would be healthier than a supermarket visit. According to research from the University of Ghent.

Those who shop in a physical supermarket would, according to the research more unhealthy snacks such as crisps and chocolate to buy than people who do online shopping.

During the study, more than 32,000 stores of about 4,300 and consumers are analysed. This group of participants consisted of consumers who alternately online order groceries and offline shop.

From the research, it would appear that when a consumer online shopping orders, he averaged 5.7 percent to unhealthy food purchases. Does the same consumer in a regular store shopping, it would be 10.4 percent to unhealthy food spend.

The unhealthy diet was divided into five categories (salty snacks, chips, chocolate, candy bars and sweets) and for each category was the same link found: online one would proportionally spend less on unhealthy food.


Average spend online consumers 5.6 percent of their virtual shopping basket to unhealthy products while offline, consumers will nearly double, namelijk11,1 per cent, spend on such unhealthy products.

According to the researchers, the explanation for this phenomenon is to be found in the difference in product presentation. Tangible products in the supermarket would be more enticing and difficult to resist than photos of snacks and sweets in an online shop, as they conclude.

This would especially be the case with unhealthy food, because these purchases are often unplanned. Because of this, there would be proportionately more unhealthy food in the physical basket than in the virtual space. Another important reason would be that your impulse buys from the supermarket immediately on-can-eat.

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