‘People cross castle France in fire and strafe fire’

‘People cross castle France in fire and strafe fire’

Photo: GendarmerieNationale

A Dutch man has in Saint-Pierreville in the French region Ardèche, presumably, his castle on fire. When the fire department arrived, firefighters shot at.

According to the local news site, Le Dauphine is the fire brigade still trying to fight the fire. About 6.00 am sat morning got the fire brigade to a report of a fire in the castle.

Around forty firefighters who tried in the fire fight, were shot with a shotgun loaded with coarse hail. Two people had to go to the hospital. They were slightly wounded by flying fragments of glass.

Police officers put on it the road to the castle. The Dutch owner would be in his castle have entrenched themselves, but it is not clear whether he still is. The police suspect that he, the fire has lit. Negotiators on behalf of the police for the case where there is contact with him is made.

According to Le Figaro, was the roof of the castle, with a surface area of 500 square meters, in a fire and it is fully collapsed. Also the rest of the building is largely because of the fire destroyed.


The man is an imprisonment of fourteen months above the head, because he in July 2015, the car of his ex-girlfriend on fire put out. He was also convicted for illegal possession of firearms. The punishment was Tuesday by the court of appeal in Nîmes confirmed.

The Dutchman would already overflow with the French justice, because he is his castle illegal ombouwde to hotel. Previously, he was above eight days. The man would be the castle all of fourteen years in his possession.

News site France Bleu reported that in 2014, the castle by the French inspection was vacated, because the owner is not a licence for the building as a campsite and guesthouse to income. In addition, worked there only Dutch citizens who were not registered with the French tax authorities. Dozens of Dutch tourists had at home.

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