Pence sticks with faith and family, such as Notre-Dame graduates go on to the beginning of his speech

Vice-President Mike Pence forged ahead Sunday with his University of Norte Dame at the beginning of the speech some of those present went on, encouraged the graduates to their religious faith, the value of freedom of speech and said: “the future belongs to you.”

Pence, a former Indiana Governor, was the youngest college-campus speakers to face of against the movement or the protest of students, faculty, and others who on ideological differences.

He was invited to give a lecture at the Catholic school in South Bend, Ind., after students and faculty objected to a potential invitation to President Trump would have been the seventh U.S. President, give the opening address.

Trump has harsh criticism for its anti-confronts-Islamic rhetoric during his election campaign and his administration, to impose efforts, a trip to several Muslim-majority countries.

Pence didn’t recognize, the scheduled stoppages, in which dozens of students and family members booed supposedly left at the beginning of his speech and were.

But he was referring to clashes at universities in other countries have derailed appearances of controversial speakers, such as conservative firebrand Ann Coulter at the University of California in Berkeley.

“This is a University (Notre Dame) is a vanguard of freedom of expression and the free exchange of ideas at a time, it is sad when freedom of expression and courtesy of Schwind are said to universities in America,” Pence.

The rest of Pence’s speech also focused on the faith and conservative principles, such as protection of the Norte Dame and other groups before, that the to offer against their religious beliefs birth control coverage to workers under ObamaCare.

“As Notre Dame’s strong protection of its religious freedom has been, I’m proud of the fact that this President took steps to ensure that this University-and the Little sisters of the poor could not be forced, against their conscience, to be fully in American civic life,” Pence said.

He also praised trump for his speech earlier in the day, the leaders of 50 Arab and Muslim Nations, earlier in the day in Saudi Arabia.

Pence said the President spoke out against the religious persecution of people of all faiths and on the world stage, he is doomed to, in his words, the murder of innocent Muslims, the oppression of women, persecution of Jews and the slaughter of Christians.”

Earlier in the ceremony, valedictorian graduate-to-be Caleb Joshua pine called a “sign against the he build to scapegoat the Muslims” and criticized Trump’s push to a wall along the Mexican border.

Cassandra Dimaro and her parents were among those who went. Dimaro told the South Bend Tribune,” it’s a show of solidarity “for those of us who were influenced by the policy of the Trump administration.”

“Notre Dame is said extraordinary,” Pence also. “This University is, without apologizing for the human freedom and the dignity of every human person, and it is fast to the faith that gave it birth.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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