Pence slams “disappointing” Obama speech, says he would prove the lie detector, that he didn’t the NYT write Op-Ed

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Pence: The American people rejected the direction of Obama

Vice-President Mike Pence reacts to former President Obama’s comments on the election campaign in an interview with Chris Wallace for ” Fox News Sunday.’

Vice President Pence sharply criticized Barack Obama’s return to the election campaign in an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” told host Chris Wallace, former President of rhetoric was a “very disappointing” attempt, essay on a legacy pock-marked, and of large tax increases and a massive hike in the national debt.

“It was very disappointing to see President Obama, breaking with the tradition of the former President, and politically, and roll out the same tired arguments that he and the liberals have in the last eight years,” Pence said.

“We have inherited a economy that is growing a little more than 1 percent,” the Vice-President. “In the last quarter, our economy is growing at 4.2 percent. Four million new jobs, unemployment at a 50 year low. And also President Obama came out and tout his policies resulted in less than 2 percent growth — which saw tax increases of ObamaCare-regulation and a doubling of the national debt-I think it was — it was very disappointing.”


Pence unload what he considered to be “un-American”, the anonymous author of the New York Times Op-Ed last week, and vowed that he would take a lie-detector test to prove he didn’t write it.

“I would agree to take it in a heartbeat, and would suggest that any review of the administration wanted to do,” Pence said. As if the other officials should be forced to take a lie detector, Pence, did not, said the President.

The Op-Ed, the shows supposedly written by a “senior administration official,” a White house on the fritz, and claims that the top-level bureaucrats are actively to undermine parts of President Trump on the agenda.

“If the senior administration official that they are against the oath, not the President, but the Constitution,” Pence said, adding that President Trump was worried about the national security implications of the situation as well. “Look, it’s un-American. And I think that is why they Republicans have seen Democrats condemn it.”


Pence continued: “To have someone literally come to celebrate every day, to thwart the agenda that the President and I were chosen to advance-it is really an attack on our democracy. And it should be universally condemned.”

“It’s really an attack on our democracy. And it should be universally condemned.”

– Vice-President Mike Pence to the NYT Op-Ed

The Op-Ed conspicuously uses the term “guiding star”, which was Pence is known to deal with and talk to. Asked whether Wallace, appeared to be an attempt to frame him, Pence replied, “I know it’s not,” but added that the whole uproar was an attempt to “divert attention from this booming economy and the President’s success story.”

The Vice President disputed a particularly cheeky claim in Bob Woodward in his new book, “fear: Trump in the White house,” the then-chief White House economic adviser Gary Cohn removed a document from President trump, the Desk, the would have withdrawn the U.S. from the U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS). The book makes a similar claim about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which is also renegotiated.


“I doubt that happened,” Pence said, after Wallace pointed out that Woodward had produced the specific document in question. “I really do. … The President is negotiating, the South Korean free trade agreement in a way that American jobs and American workers.”

The two countries plan to sign a newly negotiated free offer in New York in late September. The new KORUS offer greater benefits for the American pharmaceutical and automobile companies in a variety of ways, including through the doubling of the upper limit for the number of cars in Korea are imported, meet the US environmental safety standards, as well as by the inclusion of American-made drugs in the country, the national health care reimbursement plan.

Despite the one-two punch of the Woodward book and the Times ‘ Op-Ed, Pence said Americans should focus on the results of the midterm elections approach.

“Sometimes I watch a little TV in the morning, and then I go to the White house, and I feel like I’m in a parallel universe,” the Vice President said. “I’m going in a White house where a President behind the Desk; he is in command. He is constantly driving forward, on the realization of the promises we have for the American people. And then I go home at night and I see a cable TV all of the talk this stuff about the Chaos in the White house, and it’s just not my experience.


“You look at the passage of the historic tax cuts for businesses and individuals, and the way the jobs are coming back, and investments add to that come back with,” Pence. “The re-negotiation of trade agreements, our allies contribute more to our common defense. All of this is happening is because we have a President with almost limitless energy that comes every day-regardless of what happens in the Washington-media-culture-and says, ‘What are we doing to deliver today, for the American people?’ And I think that is why I travel such enthusiasm by the country. And that is why I believe that the American people are going to vote for the re-election of Republican majorities in the house and Senate this fall.”

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