Pence projects steady hand at home, because Trump makes deals abroad

Vice President Pence Monday returned to the track to Capitol Hill, the President of Trump legislative agenda at home, as the President works to strengthen the U.S. alliances abroad — remaining perhaps Trump the most steady lawyer in the midst of a turbulent time for its administration.

Spokesman Marc Lotter told Fox News the Vice-President would discuss Trump’s tax and 2018 budget plans during a meeting with the legislator, while down the idea of play that Pence’s past life, as a house member puts him in each unique deal-making-position.

“The Vice-President the experience on Capitol Hill … is definitely something that helps,” Lotter said Monday on “America’s Newsroom.” “But ultimately, what we are talking about the President of the agenda, something that he spoke to the American people to get over … and a little, Vice President of Pence hopes pushed over the finish line.”

The consideration of sound as a quintessential Pence touts of the boss and try to avoid the political in addition to actions, which slows down the President’s agenda in the first five months of the year.

On Sunday, Pence gave the commencement speech at Notre Dame University, after the school’s President, the Rev. John Jenkins, made it clear he didn’t want to trump, he thinks, has anti-Muslim views to the speech.

“The greatest honor of my life to serve as a Vice President in the 45. The President of the United States of America-President Donald Trump,” Pence, he said after dozens of students had, went on his speech.

The Vice President also praised trump for making a speech that the President made earlier in the day in Saudi Arabia, in which Pence said the President spoke out against the religious persecution of people of all faiths,” and condemned the oppression of women.

To be sure, Pence had already done much of the heavy lifting for Trump before we will be released on Capitol Hill on Monday, in front of the President’s budget proposal later this week.

Pence helped the conservatives to the ticket in November, and was instrumental in getting the GOP-led house passed a White house-backed legislation that dismantles ObamaCare.

And while Pence, who is behind the destructive White house leaks seem to be found beyond any doubt in the trump color, the hunt, he could not avoid getting caught up in the controversy about whether Trump and his staff have, in collaboration with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Shortly after he was incoming security Advisor, Michael Flynn defended accusations the White house, Pence against, he’d talked with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak on the easing of economic sanctions against Russia, only to learn that Flynn had deceived him in the matter.

Flynn was fired in February, but to ask a couple of news reports, if Pence knew about such discussions and, in fact, the cover for Flynn.

And the recent reports of Flynn, the Pence-led presidential transition team, he was under investigation for ties to Turkey, speculation about Pence connections to the Russia-interference, now under Federal investigation told.

To defend Pence continue to be yourself, especially to learning about Flynn’s lobbying in Turkey. He told Fox News in March, to hear that “that was the story today, the first thing I heard about it.”

And last week, Pence’s office, Politico said: “The Vice President stands by his comments in March, when hearing the news of General Flynn’s relations with Turkey and fully supports the president’s decision is to ask, General Flynn’s resignation.”

Pence again appeared unprepared a few weeks ago, when Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

The Vice President said publicly, Trump has been the decision on the basis of the recommendations of the Deputy state attorney Rod Rosenstein.

But the President later said that he had planned to fire Comey, regardless of the DOJ recommendation.

A whole series of critical media reports for the last week, in the Wake of the Comey fire, only fueled speculation about whether the conservatives could see Pence as a desirable alternative to trump in the Oval Office. Pence by the way, started a leadership PAC last week, stoking interest in his plans for the future.

The political action committee, will be in fact used to cover Pence – ‘ travel, race, to promote Republican candidates during the 2018 congressional mid-term. And sources quickly, speculation about a presidential candidacy.

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