Pence plays the trump card loyalty VP over the Midwest, amid White house controversy

Vice President Pence held a busy Saturday while President of the Trump overseas U.S. military personnel, to thank the partisanship of the President the leadership role in a college commencement speech, and the Americans are pushing.

“If you are a member of the Armed forces, to reach the on the day of the armed forces … and say see, “I Thank you for your service”, ” Pence said in the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

“I could not be more proud of the fact, for a President with so much on the part of the armed forces. President Trump is overseas, renewal of the role of the United States as a leader among the Nato countries. … To serve with him every day, I know, Trump is the best friend of the armed forces will ever be in the White house.”

Pence, said only a few days after the news published about him, a so-called leadership PAC — in the midst of speculation that he was running with the group for the year 2020, the White house.

The group will in fact be used to cover Pence – ‘ travel, race, to promote Republican candidates during the 2018 congressional mid-term.

Sources dismissed the speculation about a presidential candidacy, in the midst of Trump’s turbulent start, and such a move as unusual for a Vice-President.

On Saturday morning, Pence urged graduates of Grove City College in Pennsylvania, and cited Trump’s “leadership and perseverance” as an example.

Trump was on a Saturday in Saudi Arabia for the start of a nine-day overseas diplomatic trip, his first since he took office in January.

“If you aspire, you will need courage, because the guide brings honor and opposition,” Pence said, hundreds of graduates and their families on Saturday at the opening.

Pence, later in the day, Pence traveled to give in his home state of Indiana, where he is planned, the start of a speech on Sunday at the Norte Dame University in South Bend.

Grove City is a private Christian liberal arts college with approximately 2,500 students and about 50 miles North of Pittsburgh.

“Those who dream big, those who are thinking to small. Who dares step forward, you will find those who prefer you to stay. And anyone who thinks you can, you will always hear from those who are sure they will not,” Pence, it said in his commencement speech.

He also cited Trump as “an example of leadership and perseverance,” applause from the audience, citing the President’s efforts on the economy, education, security, and-to more applause — for standing “without apology for the sanctity of life and all God-given freedoms in the Constitution of the United States.”

“But the President said, only about a week ago in a ceremony like this,” to do Nothing came easy,'” Pence said. “According to your belief means that you have to be ready to criticism from those who do not have the courage to do the right thing,'” the Vice President quoted the President as saying.

Pence around, told to inspire graduates to those around you, because the people those who respect you will follow that but you should aspire to be”, the men and women of character” and aspire to a service rather than selfish ambition.

After his address, Pence, a title of honor, standing on the platform was also excellent, and shook hands, as all the graduates their diplomas handed over afterwards. Officials said the graduating class of the 606 was the largest in the history of the school.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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