Pence offers the olive branch, the California legislature, state assembly speaker responds with a sarcastic rebuke

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Vice-President Mike Pence, to facilitate recently a letter to the leader of the California State Assembly in an attempt to, the tensions between the White house and the Democrats controlled the Capitol in Sacramento.

The sarcastic response from Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon was probably not what he expected in return.

At the end of February, Pence wrote a letter to Rendon with an olive branch, of the state, was in the middle of the President Trump policy on everything from immigration to the environment, say Rendon, the current White house administration values “the opportunity to work with you to build on our successes in the coming year.”


“We recognize that, if California succeeds, America succeeds,” the Vice President said in his letter.

Rendon is the answer to Pence – which was dated almost three weeks later – was not so diplomatic.

While the Rendon thank you, Pence has been reach, he also says that Trump’s administration and its policies “have already done a lot to help,” the state of the Democrat-controlled Assembly.

“Thanks to their policies, the voters in California and five Democrats for the Assembly in the last election, has said,” Rendon. “In addition, a Republican, has decided to jump to the Democratic party, citing the President’s extreme positions. We now have a three-quarters majority plus one.”

The Deputy Brian Maienschein, who represents parts of the San Diego metropolitan area, jumped from the GOP to the Democrats in January, and the party gave 61 of the 80 seats in the Assembly.

In his letter, Rendon goes to the question of how Pence thinks of the trump-management is the compliance with the California rights, by the “constant legal battles” and levels threats against the state. Rendon also called a Laundry-list of the trains by the White house that the buck initiatives in California – including revocation of state move, the possibility of establishing more stringent vehicle emission standards, to repeal of the Affordable Care Act and threatened to hold back Federal grant for the planned high-speed rail project.


“Even though you know that probably, I would add that your administration has been largely wrote unsuccessful in your court is trying to take our rights as a state,” Rendon. He has explicitly stated that Trump’s management of the courtroom losses, if you try to overthrow California’s sanctuary city laws.

The state itself is the Trump administration 47 sued times in the last two years, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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