Pence assures NATO allies of loyalty VS

Pence assures NATO allies of loyalty VS

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The United States are and will remain inextricably linked with NATO. Also find the Americans to be a way for a good relationship with Russia, they are not blind to the threat of the Russian empire.

The American vice-president Mike Pence spoke this message on Saturday on the veiligheidsconferentie in Munich.

With his statements he stepped in the footsteps of the Us secretary of Defense James Mattis, NATO allies on Friday soothingly spoke to them. The USA will not be the alliance’s turn. However, the European member states deeper in the pouch to erode.

The United States will Russia be held responsible for his actions, the insured Pence during his first major foreign speech. To begin with, the Russians need the peace agreement of Minsk to comply with this resurgence of violence in Eastern Ukraine prevented, he said.


The new American president Donald Trump caused over the past weeks, with many allies turmoil by his statements that he is the NATO, not more of this time. Also asked Trump several times overtures to Russia and president Vladimir Putin.

Trump alluded also been a number of times on the lifting of the sanctions on Russia are imposed for invading the Crimea and the influence by Russian hackers of the U.s. elections.


The hostess, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, kept Pence that the protectionism of its president, Trump provides no solution. No country can be the great problems to solve. Cooperation in the political, financial and defensive terrain is the only possibility for the global threats. The European Union or the United States cannot do without the other for solutions.

Merkel pointed in this context again the importance of good relations with Russia. That can only be fruitful for the combating of terrorism, such as that of Islamic State.

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