Penalty shoot-out, European Super Cup, to decide

Uefa Champions League winner, Liverpool’s struggles Wednesday night in Istanbul, with Chelsea, the Europa League, but was conquered by, the European super cup. The match at the stadium of Besiktas is at 21: 00 hours began. Follow our liveblog.

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European Super Cup – · * * * a few seconds ago, itis 1-0 to Liverpool

Firmino moves the ball effortlessly into the bottom left hand corner, and let Arrizabalaga won’t stand a chance.The european Super Cup in one-minute geledenWe are going to start in the penalty shoot-out. Firmino takes the first penalty for the club.The european Super Cup · 3 hours ago

2007 – Liverpool are the first Premier League club to be involved in two penalty shootouts in the same month since Middlesbrough in January 2007. Repeat. #LIVCHE #To

AvatarAuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen23:30 pm – August 14, 2019Europese Super Cup · 3-minute geledenIn in 2013, the fight for the European Super-Cup for the last time, ruled by a penaltyserie. Then went to Chelsea after a penalty shoot-out collapse against Bayern Munich.The european Super Cup · 7 hours agoPenalty shoot-out!

Liverpool and Chelsea will not score a goal, leaving the game after extra-time at 2-2 it ends with a penalty shoot-out, the decision should be on the market.The european Super Cup in 10 minutes geleden118 ” We are moving gradually to a penalty shoot-out finish. Still have a few minutes to go on the road.The european Super Cup · for 14 minutes, geleden113 The first opportunity in the second, the extension for the Home. Have a bet on the Mount is to be turned on by Those, and a shot of Pedro to go next.The european Super Cup, · a 22-minute geleden106′ get The ball rolling for the second extension period. There will be re-scored, or a penalty shoot-out to come in handy?The european Super-Cup · 23-geledenJorginho was the first Italian who scores in the end for the European Super Cup, ever since Filippo Inzaghi in the year 2007.

🇮🇹 Jorginho has been the first Italian to score in the UEFA #SuperCup match, since Filippo Inzaghi in the 2007⚽️

AvatarAuteurUEFA #SuperCupMoment of plaatsen23:12 – 14 August, 2019Europese Super Cup · a 25-minute geleden105+2 ” is a vibrant extension has come to an end, and the teams switch side.The european Super Cup, · a 25-minute geledenSadio Mané by his second goal against Chelsea, is nearly on the same level with Sergio Agüero.

19 – Sadio Mané has scored 19 goals in 2019 at the latest, for @LFC – only Sergio Agüero (20) has scored more in all competitions for a Premier League side. Prolific. #LIVCHE #To

AvatarAuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen23:04 pm – 14 August, 2019Europese Super Cup · 28 minutes geleden104′ my god! Huge chance for Chelsea. A strong attack from the home team will give Pedro the ball, and the dedication of the Abraham’s is just next door.European Super Cup-a 30-minute geleden103 Also Klopp runs a bill of exchange by the following: Origi will be in the field for the end Mané.The european Super Cup, · a 31-minute geleden102′ Change for Chelsea: Barkley is a replacement for Kovacic.The european Super Cup · 32 minutes geleden101′ GOAL in Chelsea! 2-2

Jorginho comes in, the kick inside. Adrían dives to the wrong corner.European Super Cup – · 33 minutes and geleden99′ free Kick to Chelsea!

Frappart, pointing to the spot following an infringement of the Henderson to Abraham. The ultimate is the chance for Chelsea to get back across it to come to that.The european Super Cup, · a 34-minute geleden98′ my god! Chelsea are hardly on the same level, through Abraham, but Van Dijk is defending, it is excellent. Because of this, the rush hour is not a good shoot.European Super Cup – · 37 minutes geleden95′ GOAL to Liverpool. 2-1

The Champions League winner will come sooner on the road ahead. Mané is on a beautiful goal off a ball from Firmino get the ball in via the underside of the bar to shoot.The european Super Cup, · a 40-minute geleden92′ Gomez delivers on behalf of Liverpool, and for the first hazard on the road. From the direction of the changed shot to shot is easily caught by Arrizabalaga.The european Super Cup, · a 42-minute geleden91, ” The extension is on the way. At Liverpool, will Alexander, Arnold, in the field, Robertson said.European Super Cup-four hours sincethe Renewal!

The match between Liverpool and Chelsea ends at the end of the regular playing time in the 1-to-1. Mané will take The Last’ a little while, after a rest at the same level, but after that, both teams not to score a goal. Van Dyke, with a commitment to raise the bar even close to 2-1 for Liverpool with a run of the Mount is disallowed because of offside.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden90 ” There will be two minutes of stoppage time at the. Is there anyway to have a hit, or are we going to get an extension?The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden89′ of Chelsea runs with the press of the day, what’s on, and gives you a good opportunity for the threat, but the header from Zouma is going to be about.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden87 Still a couple of minutes to go in the mobile Park, and the game seems to be an extension to be moving. It has always been a 1-to-1.European Super Cup-four hours ago,Mané makes the second half for the LiverpoolEuropese the Super Cup in one hour geleden84 the Next bill to Chelsea: Tomori takes the main at the rear of the place on Film.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden83 Mount is a nice rod for the purpose of Chelsea, but the flag goes up for offside and the goal will be disallowed.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden82′ Chelsea are to establish once again what the danger is. A fine combination of both Pedro the chance to get out of it, but his shot is blocked.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden81, ” The free-kick of the Salah is done through the wall of Chelsea football club is about.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden80′ Azpilicueta gets the first yellow card of the match due to the comments in the arbitration. Liverpool wins a free kick in a good spot.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden75′ my god! The Liverpool one is very close to the edge. A rebound of the Of the Embankment, caught by the hands of a Arrizabalaga at the bar, after the right-back a rod from the Salah will.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden74 Double change for Chelsea: Abraham, the former Vitesse player’s Mount to replace the goalscorer Giroud and Pulisic.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden69′ There are sneaking more and more sloppy in the game by both teams, so the odds are in the last quarter of frugal.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden64′ Wijnaldum will be in the field at the club. The Dutch international is taking the place of the Property is in.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden60′ for An hour, played in Istanbul, it is 1-to-1. After a lively start to the second half, both teams now is to slow down a bit. Liverpool took the initiative, but it will create in the last minutes, opportunities, and more.The european Super Cup in one hour, geledenSadio Mané has been pretty bad this year.

18 – Sadio Mané has scored 18 goals for @LFC in 2019 (all competitions), at least six, more than any other player, Mohamed Salah and 12). North, then east. #LIVCHE

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen22:12 – 14 August, 2019Europese Super Cup-four hours ago, theGiroud move to Chelsea on a 0 to 1-lead against the LiverpoolEuropese the Super Cup in one hour geleden51′ Liverpool go straight on the search for the competitive edge. Henderson is trying for the remote, but it Arrizabalaga rescue. Just before that is a shot distance from Fabinho next to it, and then Giroud in the attack, just not the danger it can create a good defensive in the work of Van Dijk.The european Super-Cup · 2-hour geleden48′ GOAL to Liverpool. 1-to-1

The Reds’ will soon be at the same height over a run of Mané. The Senegalese will give the last kick after Firmino right away it is important to in the opposing team’s penalty hit the ball past Adrián to play.The european Super-Cup · 2-hour geleden46 The second half on the road in Istanbul. Liverpool is Firmino in the box for Oxlade-Chamberlain.The european Super-Cup · 2-hour geledenDe the statistics for the first half of it. Liverpool has had more shots taken care of, but the best chances for success and the only goal for Chelsea.

The stats from that first half! 🤓
What do you think of the game so far? #In particular

AvatarAuteurChelsea FCMoment of plaatsen21:55 pm – 14 August, 2019Europese Super Cup · 2-hour geledenVooralsnog there is nothing but praise for the referee Stéphanie Frappart. The Norwegian ex-international, Jan-Age Books, as an analyst for the Norwegian tv-it works, it is a very positive way.

Been a lot of talks about the female referee last week. From my position, which I think is Frappart and her team have been excellent.
And how she runs. She covers the whole pitch at speed. A good lesson for some not-so-fit and the peer reviewers

AvatarAuteurJan Aage Fjortoft 🏳️🌈 🇳🇴Time plaatsen21:49 – August 14, 2019Europese Super Cup · 2-hour geledenOlivier Giroud has been in europe a lot more effective than it is in the Premier League.

12 – Olivier Giroud has scored 12 goals in 16 appearances in European competition for @ChelseaFC, compared to just seven goals in 49 domestic games for the Blues. Continental. #SuperCup #LIVCHE

AvatarAuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen21:42 am – August 14, 2019Europese Super Cup · 2 hour ago,to Rest.

The teams have to go to the tea with a 0-1-ahead for Chelsea, against Liverpool). Giroud makes nine minutes for the opening goal of The Blues’, which is a lot better to play in than the Champions League winner, and the best opportunities. Briefly, for the rest, it adopts Frappart and a goal by Pulisic for the champions League winner, and rightfully so, for being offside.The european Super-Cup · 2-hour geleden44 “After a strong phase of Chelsea football club is Liverpool, and there, just before half-time again, but The Reds’ can’t be dangerous.The european Super Cup · 2 hours ago –Olivier Giroud celebrates his opening goal for Chelsea.The european Super-Cup · 2-hour geleden40′ Pulisic will find the following a great action to re-target for Chelsea, but Frappart approve of the match, and rightfully so. The man goes to the inside and shoots from the edge of the sixteen-in the lower left hand corner, but as he gets to the ball just before buitenspelpositie.The european Super-Cup · 2-hour geleden36′ GOAL in Chelsea! From 0 to 1

On the other hand, touch for the home team. After a nice pass from Pulisic will slide Giroud get the ball past Adrián at the far corner.The european Super-Cup · 2-hour geleden32 ” The game is up and down and a round of golf. Now it appears Chelsea are, with Kovacic again on the enemy target after a lovely through ball from Pedro, but Those will be good target and works the ball away.Back to top

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