Pelosi proposes, you can wait to send impeachment articles to the Senate: “We will make a decision … as we go along’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Democrats said can wait, send in your articles of impeachment against President Trump on the GOP-controlled Senate, out of fear that they are incapable of holding a fair trial.

Pelosi at a press conference on Wednesday after the house impeachment vote, and was asked, what would the trial as “fair.”

“We will make a decision as a group, as we always have, as we go along,” she replied.

Pelosi was then asked about the may be the reluctance of the indictment by the Senate, to require specific collateral, and the speaker refused to give a direct answer.

“Once again, we will decide what that is dynamic, but we hope that the resolution, the process will be said soon in the Senate,” she said.


Pelosi went on to read a statement from Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., about the impeachment process and used it as an example of what you consider to be an unfair process.

“Let me tell you, what I consider, a fair process,” she said to the crowd of reporters. “This is what I consider a fair process — leader McConnell has stated that he is not impartial juror, that he is going to his cues, in quotation marks, from the White house, and he works in complete coordination with the White House counsel’s office.”

Finally, the Senate introduced as a last decision instance, Trump the fate and the President of the reluctance threw important documents out of the Congress.

“It is up to the senators to make their own decision to work together, hopefully, in recognition of their witnesses that the President denied us their documents, which the President withheld from us, and we hope that this information would be available to a study, you can proceed to the next step. Because that is said a different level in terms of the belief in that,” Pelosi. “But now the President is accused of.”


The speaker then repeatedly blocked questions about the attitude of the article, before he said it would ultimately be a joint decision between the house and the Senate.

“We make our decision, if we going to send-when we see what they do, on the Senate side, but this is a decision we make together,” she said.

The impeachment votes in total on the abuse-of-power count was present 230-197, with Hawaii’s Democratic Republic of Tulsi Gabbard voting. The obstruction to total votes was 229-198, with Gabbard in the vote who are present, the count also.

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