Pelosi is a problem: Dems’ own witnesses, says Trump accused really, unless the article go to the Senate

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Pelosi thanks to the Democrats for ‘moral courage.’ Fox News correspondent Todd Piro reports.

Think of it as a twist on the old question about a tree falling in the forest to hear with no one: If the house accepts the indictment, but never sends it to the Senate, is accused of being a President really?

A Harvard law professor who served as a Democrat-called impeachment witness, answered with a clear “no” in a column, speaks of the deep dilemma for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faces as she sits on two articles of impeachment against President Trump.


Pelosi, D-Calif., extract is apparently about the delay as a lever favourable conditions for a Senate study. But Noah Feldman wrote in Bloomberg, that an “indefinite delay” would happen to be a “serious problem”—as an indictment not only technically, if the article be forwarded to the Senate.

“Both parts are necessary to a prosecution under the Constitution: should the house actually send the item and send the managers for the Senate to have for the prosecution of the indictment. And the Senate needs to actually make an attempt,” Feldman wrote.

“If the house of the President does not communicate his impeachment to the Senate, it is accused, actually,” he continued. “If the item is not transferred, Trump legitimately could say, he was not really accused of.”

Pelosi signaled late Wednesday, after the house passed indictment on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, that they wanted to, the dam is important that the Senate would have been witness to a fair trial, probably with a certain Democrat was looking for, before sending the article.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on the floor Thursday Pelosi’s move seemed at a loss, you keep the article, with the argument that the house speaker does not have the influence she thinks she does.

“Some house Democrats are mean, you said the reluctance of the article for a kind of influence,” McConnell. “I have to admit, I’m not sure what benefit is it to send us something we don’t want to. Oh, if you can figure that out, you can explain it to me.”

He added: “After weeks of declarations about the urgency of the situation, a urgent situation, the prosecutors seem to have developed cold feet. Democrat law enforcement seems to have got cold feet and are unsure of whether or not you wish to proceed with the study. Like I said, a very unusual spectacle, and, in my view, and certainly not one that is reflected in the house.”


“So, we’ll see if house Democrats want to ever have to work to find the courage to actually take their accusations to court,” said McConnell.

In spite of McConnell, the Senate says not really “want” to get you to the article, President Trump has called for an immediate trial and seems to be looking for his day in court acquitted the start for the alleged crimes of its efforts to pressure Ukraine politically advantageous studies. The request came after the administration had to play the withheld million in military assistance to Ukraine, but Trump has denied any quid pro quo was.

“I was Accused, last night, without a Republican vote cast with the Do Nothing Dems on the continuation of the largest witch hunt in American history,” Trump tweeted Thursday. “Now Nothing to Do, y want Nothing to Do with the surplus, and not deliver it to the Senate, but it is the Senate, the call!”

In the meantime, another Harvard law professor, Laurence Tribe, has defended Pelosi.

“Senate rules, the house ‘immediately’ his indictment to the Senate clearly against the constitutional clause in article I, give each house the sole power to its own rules, the” master tweeted on Wednesday.

“It is up to the house, to keep track of when and how, the case in the Senate,” he added, just hours before the house Democrats voted in favor, to approve the two indictment.

Before Wednesday’s vote, a Washington Post op is not written to let ed call on the house, McConnell hold a “Potemkin-study.”

“This option must now be taken seriously, that majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has announced its intention to carry out, not a real attempt, but a whitewash, so that the President and his legal team have the say,” the tribe wrote.


The root op-ed added that the house will need a constitutional provision to withhold the article from the Senate.

Pelosi, for her part, made it clear earlier this week that they are concerned with, such as McConnell to arrange would be a trial in the GOP-led Senate.

“Let me tell you, what I consider, a fair trial,” she told reporters. “This is what I consider a fair process — leader McConnell has stated that he is not impartial juror, that he is going to his cues, in quotation marks, from the White house, and he works in complete coordination with the White House counsel’s office.”

But with the trial schedule over the pile of doubt thrown in as Congress breaks for the holidays, an agreement, Feldman s, op is missing-ed proposes that the time for Pelosi page.

“[I]f the house never sends the item, then, Trump might say, with strong justification, that he is accused of never actually. And that’s probably not the message the Democrats in Congress are sending in the hope,” he wrote.

Fox News’ Sam Dorman and Gregg Re contributed to this report.

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