Pelosi heckled by the protesters Trump the indictment in San Francisco called like dinner with award ceremony

nearvideo house Speaker Pelosi leads bipartisan congressional delegation to the border, Central America

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd says, we need more funding for bigger facilities to offset the overcrowding.

Liberal protesters fed up with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the reluctance, if it interfered with the impeachment of President Trump “the heart of the resistance” – dinner, where the California Democrat, received a lifetime achievement award, the claims that Pelosi is not deserving of such an accolade, unless she pushes for the removal of the President.

The protesters gathered outside of San Francisco, the InterContinental Hotel, where the event took place, called on Pelosi support impeachment trump.


“If speaker Pelosi does not lead to prosecution, you won T leave a legacy of resistance, like many other San Francisco Democrats,” CREDO Action campaign manager Nicole Regalado said, while leading a crowd of protesters in front of the hotel. “She leaves behind a legacy of failure in the fight against one of the greatest threats to our families and communities.”

The mass is then sung, “Nancy Pelosi, the do their work”, and other calls to the rally.

Some of the protesters, including the group’s campaign manager, Thaís Marques, managed, in the event, the San Francisco Democrats.

“Speaker Pelosi, I am without papers. My community is the goal of the ICE and killed by white supremacists in a group. Fight for my community and accuse Trump NOW. We can’t wait. Charges Trump,” Marques said, according to the organization. Protesters held signs with the slogans “We can’t wait” and “time charges.”

Pelosi spoke about the protesters, accompanied soon from the premises of the police of San Francisco. The speaker’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.


After that, Marques expressed their disappointment, as the evening unfolds, and how she believes the Democrats were all talk, if there is the trump card to the impeachment.

“I expect you and the other participants, at least you listen to me, but I said, literally, screamed into a void of privilege, indifference, and denial,” she said. “Pelosi’s refusal to listen to me, speaks volumes about the limits of today’s Democratic party, which congratulates himself to hate trump, but not ready to act to him with the reins.”

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