Pelosi: Congress can use to justify removal from office, legally, Trump summons

nearvideo Pelosi discussed the subpoenas, the contempt, the at the weekly press briefing

Raw video: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds weekly media availability.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was reluctant to arrest to support the ideas of the impeachment of President Trump, or with Congress ” inherent contempt power, attorney General Bill Barr, but on Thursday she suggested that the Democrats use to get the concepts of these forces in alternative ways to what you want.

Pelosi said that, even if you actually don’t accuse Trump, the house committees that could use the indictment as a pretext to subpoena documents that they otherwise might not get can. The Trump administration has argued that congressional demands for documents I do not believe the necessary legislative purpose, and Pelosi that this would work to comply with this requirement.


“One of the purposes specified in the Constitution, for investigaiton charge,” Pelsoi said in her weekly press conference. “And so you can say, and the courts would respect if you said we need this information to fulfil our duty of supervision, and among them, an indictment is. It does not mean you go on a charge, but it means that if you had this information, they could.”

Trump has argued in court documents, subpoenas for his personal financial records to give to a legitimate legislative purpose. Minister of Finance, Steve Mnuchin used the same reason for the refusal of the house ways and means Committee-request for the President of the tax Declaration.

In another layer, Pelosi said that the Congress should consider its power of inherent contempt for attorney General Bill Barr. This power allows the Congress to restraint of a person in the Capitol prison, which was not done since 1935. The House Judiciary Committee voted to hold-Barr is in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over a fully-unredacted version of the Müller report. The full house has yet to vote on the matter.

Pelosi had previously arrest against the idea of using inherent contempt to anyone. On Thursday, she said, fines could be an alternative punishment, but they would not say whether or not you actually support.

“This is one of the possibilities, there is. I’m not saying that we go on this way, but I’m just saying, it is not to be excluded. Nothing is off the table,” she said.

When you press on what your position is with inherent contempt, Pelosi dodged.

“I don’t have a position,” she said.


Inherent contempt could prove to be a more realistic method of holding Barr in contempt. During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, a law professor Jonathan Turley warned that Democrats would be “heading in a world of hurt” if you went through the courts.

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