Pelosi-buster: the house Democratic leader, the vote speaks for the record 8 hours of challenging immigration

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Pelosi calls for no-budget-offer no protection for dreamers

House minority leader holds the floor in the marathon protest of the Senate’s bipartisan budget agreement, that is not immigration reform, reaction, and analysis of Roll-Call Joseph Williams.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., instead of the floor of the house of representatives for more than eight hours Wednesday to deliver a record-breaking marathon speech, protested a budget agreement by Senate leaders.

Dressed in four-inch heels, Pelosi spoke of eight hours and seven minutes and received a standing ovation from her Democratic colleagues, if they provided the ground at 6:11 PM

“If you speak it, it seems shorter,” Pelosi told reporters as she came out of the ground. “If you listen, it seems to be more.”

In her speech, Pelosi announced that she, and many other house Democrats to oppose the spending package would set, unless the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan, R-Wis., promised to allow a vote on a plan to shield from deportation hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally.

TV monitors play Pelosi’s speech on the House floor, during a press conference that she was scheduled to visit, is in the background.

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

“Let the Congress work will be,” said Pelosi, who noted that the Senate Republicans have scheduled a discussion on the politically freighted issue of next week. “What are you afraid of?”

According to the house historian’s office, Pelosi appeared to set a record for the longest uninterrupted speech in the chamber of the story. The previous record of five hours and 15 minutes, was from Rep. Champ Clark, D-Mo., in the year 1909.

Pelosi, the speech would not be nearly the length of the 10 longest filibusters in the Senate. The most recent notable filibuster came in April 2017, when Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-ore., Spoke for 15 hours and 28 minutes in opposition to the nomination of Neil from gorsuch to the Supreme court.

In 2013, sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, delivered the longest filibuster in 60 years, when he spoke for 21 hours and 18 minutes against a bill to end 2013 government shutdown in an effort to defund ObamaCare.

Fox confirms Pelosi breaks record for the longest Hse flr speech. Old record 5 hours, 15 minutes 1909 Rep. Champ Clark (D-MO) was in 1909 on tariffs and trade. Clark was later speaker of the house of representatives.

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) 7. February 2018

Pelosi, the speech was not a filibuster in the Senate. However, house leaders often speak granted additional time on the floor, a privilege known as the “magic minute.” For example, then-minority leader John Boehner spoke for more than an hour against a cap-and-trade bill that passed the house in 2009.

President Trump moved to the end of the former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program last year, to give Congress a 5. To adopt a March deadline for a law to replace it. But a Federal judge has indefinitely trump locked out of the termination of the program protection, blunting of the term direct effect.

“You see these people deported,” Pelosi said in a point, wherein a tissue. “We can do something today to at least make the children.”

Love @Nancy Pelosi

Every minute you make them in front of the cameras, our work easier.

Best, @NRCC

— NRCC (@NRCC) 7. February 2018

Her speech drew little reaction from Republicans, except for a tweet from the Republican Congress-Congress-Committee.

“Dear @Nancy Pelosi,” read it. “Every minute you in front of the cameras, they make our work easier.”

As Pelosi announced that the agreement “will have my support, not the support of a large number of members of our group,” Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer called the agreement the “best”, the legislature would have for the middle class.

Pelosi wore four-inch heels for the entirety of their eight-hour, seven-minute speech.

(Fox News)

“The budget deal is not all want to have Democrats, it’s not everything the Republicans want, but it has very much of what the American people want,” Schumer said in the Senate, later adding, “And now we must finish the job. Later this week, let’s pass this budget in the act in addition to an extension of the state funding. I hope the house will follow suit, and President Trump will sign it.”

Pelosi later confessed that she had “no idea” how the members would vote on the budget package, but you said your speech, ” was a theme.”

“We achieved the recognition of what the dreamers mean to America,” she said.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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