Peeters tackles against music piracy

Economy Minister Kris Peeters (CD&V) is working on a plan to provide access to illegal download sites for movies and music more difficult to make.

Kris Peeters (CD&V). © BelgaImage

Record labels, film companies and television makers to ask all longer to stricter rules against piracy on the internet. Economy Minister Kris Peeters (CD&V) now gives heed to their demand and working on a plan to the access to illegal download sites for movies and music more difficult to make. That writes The Standard Thursday.

Notable: Peeters wants a separate ‘Service for the fight against infringement on the internet’ establish, under the federal ministry of Economy is the most obvious measure. Today steps injured parties are steps often to the court. If the court decides that a certain site is no longer accessible, it is the task of the service is to ensure that this happens. It is also important that the site vollédig inaccessible.

When the court decided that the popular site had to be blocked in our country for example, was the direct access is indeed impossible, but could the administrators that work around this problem by replica-sites such as in the life to call.

The Service of Peeters also need those mirrors to detect and block. Who is there to surf, get a message, which linked to sites where legal, and thus paying, content can be collected. To unblock faster is one court designated for that kind of stuff. If it Peeters depends, is that the Brussels court of commerce.

‘The emphasis is on efficient instruments to copyright on the internet to protect’, is the response Peeters. “When it comes to theft of intellectual property, is that the place where today the battle is at its fiercest must be provided”.

“The blocking of websites is always an effective measure,” says Olivier Maeterlinck, the Belgian Entertainment Association. Especially if you have multiple websites quickly and simultaneously inaccessible can make, it has a large impact on the illegal supply. Such a central authority may play a much faster forward.”

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