‘Pedometer does not contribute to weight loss’

‘Pedometer does not contribute to weight loss’

A study by the American Medical Association shows that people who use a pedometer to wear during a diet, an average of 2.3 kilos less weight than people who do not wear.

The research was published in the American Medical Association. There would be even more weight loss be achieved without wearing a pedometer. In this study were 471 adult between 18 and 35 years are overweight followed.

The subjects were followed for two years, a diet that focuses on exercise, healthy nutrition and weekly meetings. They were divided into two groups. One group used a website to self-monitor their calorie intake and physical activity, the other group wore a pedometer. After two years, he had the first group was 5.9 kilo lost, while the second group of 3.6 pounds lost.

Researcher John Jakicic: “We had actually expected that those with a pedometer more weight over two years would lose. Then we have the reverse thought we were very surprised.”

He suggests that weight loss is more difficult to monitor than physical activity. In so doing, a pedometer does not account for any bumps that people experience while following a diet. Jakicic: “If you have a pedometer wear, and it helps you to be more active and your weight is to regulate, that remains especially to do.”

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