Pears bring sophistication in the board

In the shop are pear, invariably listed with their breed. Conference, Doyenné, Williams, Rocha… It proves that they are especially popular. Four recipes.

Pears can be prepared in countless ways: braised, poached, oven baked or sliced and grilled. A peer with a soft pulp, such as Doyenné de Comice is for example very suitable for in the oven to bake. Crispy conférenceperen are ideal for roasting with honey or esdoornsiroop. Delicious with spicy goat’s cheese, sweet beetroot and caramel walnuts.

Poaching is by far the best way of pears to prepare. Poach them in a simple sugar syrup, flavoured with vanilla, rosemary, lemon zest, fresh ginger and/or star anise. Or create a syrup made of white or red wine, marsala, coffee, caramel or coffee.

Poached pears are not only delicious, they also get a beautiful tan that beautifully contrasts with the creamy-white flesh inside. With a spoonful of mascarpone or whipped cream and a crunchy tuilekoekje it is, they are a easy but sophisticated dessert. After the poaching can pears possibly pureed for use in ice creams, mousses, ice cream, or creams. Think of a creamy pannacotta with a rose and honey or a fresh sorbet with perenlikeur.
Pear flavoured

Thanks to their mild aroma of fruit to go pears together with sweet flavorings such as saffron, cardamom, rose, honey, cinnamon, lavender or vanilla. On the other side of the smakenspectrum also some spicy flavors and surprising combinations with pears. Ginger and chocolate are such a tasty in sweet dishes. So there is the dessertklassieker ‘poire belle Helene, a poached pear accompanied by vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce.

Blue-veined cheese, balsamic vinegar and mustard are good partners for pears in savory preparations. So is the smooth taste of a ripe pear with a nice balance with spicy gorgonzola or roquefort. Put some leaves of salad, or watercress and you have a simple appetizer that always agreeable, whatever the season.

Pickled in a sweet and sour mosterdstroop give bulbs more spice to winter dishes based on white meats such as pork or turkey, and slightly sweet, earthy knolgroenten such as red beets, parsnips, or celeriac. For each peer tastes, so.

Three recipes

Pear from the oven with marsalakaramel and Frangelicosabayon
Pork tenderloin with perry, mosterdperen and knolselderijmousseline
Pannacotta with pear and rose, perencompote with saffron

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