‘Peak period of hooikoortsseizoen begins at the end of may’

The peak period of the graspollenseizoen begins around may 25. This is the chance to hooikoortsklachten until the end of June, very large, log Weeronline, Wageningen University & Research and the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) Saturday.

Also blooming in that period, the sorrel, and plantain, which also has allergic symptoms can lead.

According to the researchers do taking their medication in the coming weeks to vote on very unfavorable conditions. The symptoms consist of sneezing, sniveling, coughing, and burning and red eyes.

The past few weeks was the concentration of grass pollen in the air is still relatively low. The cold and dry weather slowed the blooming of the grasses. Now it gets warmer and there are occasional showers may fall, the amount of grasstuifmeel in the air to increase rapidly. Far in the summer there are flowering grasses.

The temperatures peak this weekend, probably up to 20 degrees. It is warm but not very sunny. According to Weerplaza must also be taken into account with a chance of rain and thunderstorms.


What can you do for hayfever?

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