Peaceful protest marches in Chile, after several days of violent protests

After a day of violent protests in the Chilean capital of Santiago, and were there Wednesday the pacific by the trade unions organised protests. In the previous, unorganized, protests against social inequality fell, all eighteen dead, including a child.

As a result of the violent protests, has promised the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera Wednesday morning (european time) the new social reforms. He promised he would, inter alia, a guaranteed minimum wage, increased pensions, and the stabilisation of the cost.

Thousands of demonstrating workers, including many health care workers and teachers, marched on Wednesday with the streets by the Apartments. These demonstrations were much more peaceful than the last couple of days, and so far as known, in hit, no one hurt.

As of Friday, there were violent protests and riots in the city. Moreover, fires lit, and the shops were being looted, after which the Chilean authorities have decided to include the whole of the metro system of Santiago, to close. In total, there were, in the past few days has been more than a thousand people were arrested.


Why is there so much unrest in Chile

The President is asking for forgiveness

The protesters are demonstrating against social inequality and the high cost of living. The increase in the price of metrokaartjes was the final straw that made the cup did run over.

On Saturday we went to the demonstration so intense, that president Piñera’s state of emergency is proclaimed in the city, and there was a curfew in the city, it was set up.

The Chilean president made a promise to the increase in price to lock-in, and on Tuesday, he asked his people for forgiveness.

“It’s going to be trouble that has been piling up, and the various governments of the world have been failed to the extent of the problem. I am very sorry, because I don’t have to have seen before,” said president Piñera.

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