Paul Verhoeven may be the Oscar-submission, Elle still do not believe

Paul Verhoeven may be the Oscar-submission, Elle still do not believe

Director Paul Verhoeven is very surprised and amazed that he, with his film Elle this year’s French submission for the Oscars. That he let Monday know in a comment on the news. “The French are still very nationalistic”, chuckles he.

“But they have very European drawn up by a film with a Dutch director, a Dutch editor, and a British composer.”

Elle tells us about a woman in her home is attacked by a rapist. She then goes looking for the culprit. Verhoeven notes that the controversial film in the US in the fall. “At least among people who don’t Trump votes. But the reviews are laudatory. Who knows, we still have a serious chance, if the lead actress Isabelle Huppert as for me the one that Oscar should get. It is anyway a shame that she never in her life been nominated.”

The director thinks that Elle especially good to fall because he is something different than most sequels or blockbusters. “It is a film that tells a story that you have never before in cinema have seen. There they are, in spite of the brutal characters, in America is rather sensitive for me.”


Verhoeven is in the autumn but already many in the US for interviews prior to the theatrical release in november. He is also in New York honored with a large retrospective.

At this time, the director, incidentally, in the Netherlands. “I still have not had time to cake to pick up, but I have tomorrow in Amsterdam at a dinner with a few good friends. I think we have to get there as well to celebrate, doesn’t it.”

Turkish Fruit

If the movie is nominated, it would be the second time that Verhoeven win an Oscar for best foreign film. In 1974 represented Turkish delight the Netherlands at the award ceremony; the prize went that year to Truffaut.

Verhoeven was not in the room. “I was in my early thirties, and still knew nothing,” laughs Verhoeven. “I found it when total not important: what would we do at the Oscars in that far-off America?”

This time, by the way, he did make an appearance if he is nominated. “And this time, on behalf of France. It would still be a fun joke if that actually happened.”

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