Paul Verhoeven is considering departure from the US to Trump

Paul Verhoeven is considering departure from the US to Trump

Paul Verhoeven does not know whether he is still in the United States wants to continue to live now Donald Trump is in power. The director compares the country with the Germany in 1933, when Hitler came to power.

That told the 78-year-old filmmaker in The World Runs By.

“I find it a daunting task to me to identify with the government that is there now,” says Verhoeven, who He compares with Hitler. “In our family counseling, my daughters and their partners, it was decided in the first four months to wait and watch,” says the director.

Verhoeven notes that his projects because of the international success of his film Elle seriously be viewed. “Things of which you never know if they continue, will more likely than five months ago.” In this way, the Dutch television series that Verhoeven wants to make about “a man who is career through five women,” more and more shape. “EN Film and Endemol have been stepped on. The last time I sat here was the plan, now it is something in development.”

Not easy

The busy awardseizoen attracts occasionally a heavy burden on the director Verhoeven, who these days all over the world, flies. “You get a lot on you,” sighs the 78-year-old filmmaker.

“It is not so easy. You should always talk keep, fun to do, suggest that you do it all beautifully.” Although it is sometimes hard to do, Verhoeven, however, enjoy the success. A special moment with Elle-actress Isabelle Huppert during the awards ceremony of the Golden Globes, he called the sweetest moment.


“I already had a Golden Globe for best foreign film, they had to wait until her category was my turn. That was such a heavy moment, I had the Golden Globe in front of me and had yet to come,” says Verhoeven, still good. When he Huppert, and one of the producers of Elle under the table to one of Hupperts expensive earrings sought, and was followed by an intimate tête-à-tête. “The producer said, what terrible, that earring is very expensive. Said Isabelle, under the table: that doesn’t matter, because it is all insured. Paul has won the award, would I get one?”

After Huppert a Golden Globe had won, realized Verhoeven that they are “something special had been achieved and that we together have done.” Such moments make the movie, his busy agenda during the awardseizoen dragelijker.

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