Paul, She finds it difficult to get to gigs, not to drink it

Paul, She says, it can be difficult to find in the postings, nothing to drink. In an interview with Panorama, says the 53-year-old-hardcore-dj that he is of such an unhealthy habit to.

“It’s not that I laveloos to the stage to stand on”, says She, “you know, I think it will be difficult to be on the same level as your audience when you’re sober. It is also the the excitement and the pressure of having to perform. It will be something psychological, but I want to actually look away from it. It remains the drink of poison. I think I will need to work on.”

“I have to see it to colleagues,” the artist continues. “A drink to make you feel somewhat better. You can also see how sometimes the dj’s who are under the influence of drugs are to be run. I think that’s so weird-looking. I want to be in control, and that seems to me to be difficult to crack. It’s a little bit of relaxation, of confidence. It Is however, something exciting, and the stage setting.”

She suspected that each and every dj out there, to a greater or lesser extent, suffer from it. “It’s not a good idea to smile on stage, to go on,” he said. “You have to have a certain degree of tension. Maybe there is a small amount of podiumvrees, but after the first seconds you will be gone. You will feel the same whether it’s nice or not. During the run, I drink not only water.”


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