Paul Groot feels permanently insecure

Paul Groot feels permanently insecure

Paul Groot feels his whole life is insecure. “When I came out of the closet came, I didn’t dare look in the window of Sissy-Boy look, out of fear that I a slap in my neck would get.”

“They think you are!”, the actor says in the Margriet.

“Kissing on the street? None to speak of. When I had a boyfriend, I did have a arm around his shoulder. You will soon nageroepen: ‘Gay!’ I feel permanently unsafe. That is my basisgevoel in the whole life. In your early youth you get a lot of signals that you will not be gepruimd. Especially at school. That is you. A buitenstaandersgevoel.”

More emotion

The 49-year-old Great also tells him that he the coming years a different side of himself wants to see in the theater. Recently it became known that the actor and his buddy Owen Schoemacher after fifteen years of stop (dolls ‘ heads). “I think it’s nice to have a slightly heavier side to drilling. What more emotion. The smile is for me holy.”

“After this season I’m going Cole Porter play in You are the top. A beautiful, layered role,” says the actor. “I’m crazy about a solo programma in the theater. A cabaret show with his own songs and existing songs like I don’t care much from the musical Cabaret. And Broken by Jake Bugg. Pretty dark songs.”

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