Patty Brard is still ‘very insecure’ about appearance

Presenter, Patty Brard is the weight loss of 33 pounds, still very insecure about her appearance.

“John, I’m so insecure – you have no idea,” says Brard Saturday in the Woman. “If I am invited for a talk show, shit in my pants. Then I go overpositief and supervrolijk do to my uncertainty to conceal. Once at a table I get a grip on myself.”

Brard thinks that her uncertainty has to do with the expectations that its bonds. “I have a lot of lives. And then people say, ” Oh Patty, you always.’ If I down am, I get to hear: “Look at the past. You are always better true.’ But then I think: and what if this time that is not happening? I have it every time but still; that I’m back on my feet terechtkom. That is also frightening, because something can not do.”

“Antoine (of the Pond, her husband, red.) can be happy on very well with my uncertainty to deal with. He just says nothing and lets me be myself together to pick up. I do that man, never.”

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