Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan’s daughter says that they are survivors of sexual assault in the op-ed defense of Kavanaugh ‘ s Prosecutor

Patti Davis, the daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, wrote in an op-ed that she was sexually assaulted about 40 years ago.

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Patti Davis, daughter of former President Ronald Reagan and former first lady Nancy Reagan, said she had been sexually abused about 40 years ago, when she mounted a defense of the woman who accused President Trump ‘ s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

Davis, 65, wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post that she was on a date with a “celebrity music Manager ‘s office”, the “planned suspiciously late in the day.” She did not know the man’s name.

She said she hoped to jump-start your musical career and brought a cassette of your material to the appointment. She said she didn’t remember what the two talked about, but remembered what the man was wearing. She also recalled the man offers her cocaine.


Kavanaugh Prosecutor granted another extension

“If he has a vial of cocaine from his Desk, pulled a drawer and began to chop up lines on a small mirror, I’m not 90% sure, to do that I refused his offer, something with him, because I don’t drug I wanted to in these years — but because to feel, I began uncomfortable. My memory of the discomfort is sharp and clear, but my memory of the declination of the Cola, as I said, about 90 percent,” she wrote.

Davis described the alleged assault, including what smelled his breath.


“He was against me, on me so with his Hand under my skirt and his mouth on my, the, I froze,” she wrote. “I was there when he pushed himself in me. The leather couch stuck to my skin, made noises under me. His breath smelled of coffee and dry bread. He didn’t use a condom.”

Davis, you wrote not to tell anyone about the alleged attack for decades.

“I never said that someone who wrote for decades — not a friend, not a friend, not a therapist, not my husband, when I married years later,” she said.

Davis brought Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who came to the public for us to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault decades ago, said she was not surprised that they talk about the alleged assault until years later. Ford came publicly forward, in an interview with The Washington Post.


Ford’s lawyer urges extra day to decide, testimony

“It’s a bit, not talking for more than 30 years, Christine Blasey Ford does not surprise me about the attack you remember, the one you are committing accuses the Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh,” Davis wrote.

She said Ford was “criticized” for the memory of the address where the alleged assault took place. But Davis pointed out that Ford recalled the alleged attack in vivid detail.

“This is what happens: your memory snaps photos of the details that will pursue you forever, that will change your
Life, and live under the skin. It is black, the other parts of the story, really not much,” she wrote.


Ford has not requested to investigate the FBI, the alleged sexual assaults – called Davis a “beautiful question.”

“Ford wants to investigate the FBI, so some of the details that you cannot remember can be set up. It is a bold request,” Davis wrote. “Maybe the old men, who are willing to interview you, unless you are behind hide
surrogates, should stop a moment and think about the courage it takes for a woman to say: Here is my reminder. It followed me for decades. It has changed my life. You need to know about it now, because of what is at stake for the country.”

Late on Friday evening, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley Ford be granted a further extension, whether or not they testify for the Committee. Grassley, first, Ford, a psychology professor at Palo Alto University, was invited to testify Monday, and Ford had to respond by 10 a.m. Friday. That deadline passed Friday without an offer, according to Ford’s lawyers made it clear this week, Ford did not want to be proposed to testify Monday but she would have to do another day.

Ford said she was 15, and Kavanaugh was 17 when he allegedly attacked her to a house party in Maryland. She claims that he pinned her on a bed, trying to remove their clothes, and put his hand over her mouth to prevent her screaming.

Kavanaugh, a federal appeals judge, has denied the allegations and said he was ready to testify before the judiciary Committee, to prove his innocence.

Fox News’ Matt Richardson, Kaitlyn Schallhorn and Stephen Sorace contributed to this report.

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