Patricia Mine with creditors in a dialogue about attachment

Patricia you are Mine continues in conversation with the creditors in december that attachment laid on the compensation that the ex-singer of GeenStijl would get.

After a session in Breda decided both parties two weeks to take to see if agreement can be reached, reports a News reporter Thursday.

Mine would be according to the current owner of administratiekantoor Osuro total of 93.000 euros are due. She denies this by the way.

“They find just that I that money must pay back, but that man has given me,” she explained to RTL Boulevard. “I have also specially included so that you can see that I am still very good friends, and you see that you are behind me.”

But that amount would be the old-singer no may claim the compensation of 30,000 euros because of her leaked types of xxx sex.

The case was, however, complicated by Osuro of owner is changed. The previous director of the administrative office, Rob Rijsbergen, is friends with Mine and would have assisted in her business around the plasseksvideo. During the session of Thursday, he was in the camp of Mine. Rijsbergens son is since 2017 owner of Osuro and is a creditor.

Loans or donations

During the meeting it was spoken about an alleged loan of 12,000 euros. Mine would be that amount, according to the lawyer of Osuro have borrowed for a car. Itself was the old singer that it is a gift of Rijsbergen sr. went.

Further, invoices of Mine aimed at Osuro in question. Mine explained that Rijsbergen her as a well-known Dutchman invited to go along to business events. In addition, it would Rijsbergen her personally have given permission to use his lawyers and accountants.

Mine dropped further to know nothing to have to deal with the current owner of Osuro. They would have the idea that they are in a “vulgar familieruzie”. Father and son would be in conversation with each other have to go, put Mine and her lawyer.

Lawyer Rijsbergen, jr: ‘we know mrs. you are Mine, all of her glamourbestaan, but if we in the media may believe it is since 2015 is no longer able to glamourbestaan to lead’ Mine explodes almost. @ShownieuwsSBS6

AvatarAuteurJanineShow6Moment of plaatsen13:39 – 21 February 2019

Earlier this month it was announced that Michel V., the types of xxx sex spread via Twitter, do not agree with the transactieaanbod that it had done. Website GeenStijl, who was also sentenced for spreading the video, did not agree with the proposal and will be a fine to pay.

In July 2018 won Mine to a lawsuit against GeenStijl and twitterer Eendevanger, that her seksfilmpje online. Mine demanded € 450,000 because of ago material and immaterial damage. The court determined ultimately that the total price 420.000 euro should be lower.

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