“Patients of female doctors are more likely to survive’

“Patients of female doctors are more likely to survive’

Patients who the greatest part of their care of a female American doctor, would be more likely to have the hospital alive than for a male American doctor.

About 11 percent of the patients that were mainly treated by women died within thirty days after they were recorded in the hospital, compared to 11.5 per cent that has been treated by men.

That concluded researchers from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in JAMA Internal Medicine. However, there is up to 1.5 million hospital admissions of patients 65 years and older examined in the period January 2011 to december 2014.

Illnesses these patients had were, among others, pneumonia, heart failure, internal bleeding, urinary tract infections, and lung disease. They were treated by general internists.

It survived most of the patients, and they were within a month sent home. In addition to better survival, patients of female doctors after that first month less often again in the hospital.

The 32,000 dead

The male research group estimates that in the United States, about 32,000 deaths per year less would be if the male doctors at the same level would perform if their female colleagues.

Principal Investigator Dr. Ashish Jha stressed that this does not mean that patients him and his male colleagues have to escape. Male doctors should be able to learn from female doctors when it comes to the following guidelines for treatment, the offer of preventive care and communicating with patients.

On average, were female doctors are charged with fewer patients and these patients are not as ill as that of male doctors. These factors are taken into account but the researchers found yet a link between the gender of doctors, and the survival rate of patients.

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