‘Patiëntenstop by general practitioners in four cities, due to lack of successors’

The inhabitants of Enschede, which has a restaurant, Camps, and Emmen will have several months to wait before they find a permanent general practitioner to find, reports the Volkskrant on Friday, on the basis of its own investigation. Eleven towns and cities seem to be soon to be in the same situation.

It’s going to be in Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, the netherlands, in Almelo, the netherlands, Middelburg, Flushing, Bergen-op-Zoom, Tilburg, Waalwijk, in Brabant, ‘ s-hertogenbosch and Eindhoven, the netherlands. In all the towns, general practitioners, however, the “duty of care” to those who are in acute need of help, but it is a long-standing practice of finding turns out to be virtually impossible, according to the newspaper.

The National Huisartsenvereniging had warned in previous reports that in the Netherlands in 2023 in a serious huisartsentekort, and the situation in 2028 is still growing, it is. Especially in the regions of Zealand, the Netherlands, dordrecht area, the Achterhoek area and the northern part of the Stay of Holland, get a hard time of it.

The government has in recent years been more and more used to gps in order to lower costs in the hospitals to be printed. General practitioners will have to deal with more work, and a follow-up to a practice, find it turns out to be in a lot of cases, it is difficult, according to Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.

Search for a successor turns out to be difficult

At least a hundred practices, especially in the far reaches of the country, to search intensively for a new gps. In the ‘Twente’ region and the provinces of Zealand, Friesland, and tried in mid-2019 at the latest by means of the exciting campaigns of general practitioners to individuals.

The increase is mainly the female doctors, who are often part-time work and private practice and want to manage it, wrote Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.

The Capaciteitsorgaan Utrecht, advised that, in 2016, all of which is the number of training posts for general practitioners are significantly up, at 879. The government lasted until now, with an increase from 650 to 750 locations.

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