Pascale Naessens disputed that bread is vital: “iodine is not naturally present in the bread”

Pascale Naessens gives the “boterhammenprof’ wederwoord. According to the Dutch professor of internal medicine Robin Peeters is less bread to eat is dangerous for the health. ‘Wrong information,” says Naessens. ‘Iodine, you can also from other food.’

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Professor Peeters recommends to order more bread to eat so the iodine content to maintain. ‘Now that we have an increasingly clear trend to be less bread to eat, is an iodine deficiency lurking. Even a subtle deficiency of iodine in the mother can lead to a lower IQ in the child. Here, I’m very concerned about,’ says Peeters.

Perfect jodiumwaarden

What many people remember of this news item is that they have more bread to eat. The cookbooks by Pascale Naessens guess just down to too much bread to eat. She gives tips for other, balanced breakfast with lots of fruit. “I can be the professor to reassure: my jodiumwaarden are perfect, without sandwiches,” writes Naessens as a response to Peeters.

Misleading information

The Flemish cook wonders why the professor does not point to other sources of iodine, in place of bread is recommended. ‘It would be better to inform people about the natural sources of iodine, such as everything from the sea: fish, shellfish, seaweed or marine plants. I read that professor Smith is worried about all those young girls who now oatmeal and fruit to eat instead of bread. Think professor Peeters really that the girls in the afternoon sausage with French fries? No, they eat salads with seaweed, and smoothies with spirulina. Advise people to eat bread because she is otherwise a deficiency of iodine will do, makes them not only dependent on the food industry, even more: it keeps them especially stupid.’ Also in eggs and cheese is iodine. Not as much as in bakkersbrood, but provided that a balanced diet, you still get enough within.

Added versus natural

Bread healthy call because of the added iodine is Naessens absurd. “To bread, more specifically, the baker’s salt, for a number of years, artificially, iodine added to deficits in the population to prevent. But the question is: if I iodine add to Snickers, that Snickers than is healthy?’ Naessens decision with the following winged words: “Since I have no bread to eat more, I have no more problems with blockages. I need not tell you that every day going to the toilet, a man very happy.’

Available for everyone

According to Daniel Langmans is bread with added iodine as a good idea because everyone, even gezinenn with a low income, in that way, sufficient iodine in their diet. ‘It is currently recommended two or three times a week ‘marine products’ as fish or seafood to eat. The feasibility to average (let alone) disadvantaged families is limited and one of the reasons why iodine intake via bread is added, ” he writes in an opinion piece for The Standard.

Read the letter from Pascale Naessens here.

In an opinion piece for The Standard, Daniel Langmans Pascale Naessens of answer.

Also Vigez, the centre of expertise for health promotion and disease prevention, it is not even with Pascale Naessens.


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