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Kurtz: the post-CHF Democrats have a winning issue?

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on Al Franken’s parting shot to President Trump and Roy Moore, after the announcement of his resignation from the Senate.

Let’s face it, it looked like Al Franken went to skate.

A few weeks ago, when Los Angeles radio host Leeann Tweeden has gone public with her story, unwanted kissing, and that cringeworthy groping photo, it was a great fix for the Minnesota senator. But it didn’t seem likely to him his job cost.

Even after a couple of other women to the front came, with stories of po-grip during the photo-ops, media and political consensus that the former “SNL” star in a completely different category as the allegations against, say, Roy Moore.

Then the dam burst. And yesterday, the Swiss franc bowed to intense political pressure from his own party and the speech, said in a floor that he resign.

I had a colleague before the speech, that is, until this morning, Democrats would be with the resignations of Franken and John Conyers, to position, as the party of zero tolerance on sexual harassment and rip-off of the Republicans for securing Roy Moore. Well, the Swiss franc, the contrast is framed, as he said, he could no longer controversial to serve some of the accusations against him, but effectively in the Senate.

Franc took out the “irony” that he was leaving “, while a man who stated on the tape about his history of sexual assault sitting in the Oval Office and a man who repeatedly preyed on young girls in campaigns for the Senate, with the full support of his party.”

With the Alabama elections on Tuesday, expect to hear this about a million times. It is not true, though, that Moore has the GOP’s full support. While the President has supported Trump him Alabama Republican Richard Shelby voted for a write-in candidate and Arizona Republican Jeff Flake donated to Democrat Doug Jones.

What happens francs, speaks volumes about the political climate right now. To finish on Wednesday, Kirsten Gillibrand called for Swiss francs, nearly all of the female Democratic senators joined, and his support collapsed.

A report from Politico on the seventh Prosecutor was the turning point. The unnamed woman, a former congressional aide, said franc tried to kiss you, in the year 2006, before he became a senator. It was just a statement to many.

On the same day, the former congressional aide, Tina Dupuy, the eighth Prosecutor was a disturbing piece in the Atlantic ocean. Your account of the Franks expressed their waist during a photo-op in 2009, the inauguration party, perhaps less dramatic than the other, but you wrote that “he knew exactly what he was doing.

“Scared me a bit. It is not so, I was a man, only ornamental. He said, ‘you are important — and I do.’ He didn’t want to showed it to COP a feel and he, he needed my permission.”

Dupuy, who hesitate to come forward, added: “I’m not defending Bill Clinton. I am ashamed that I ever had.”

A few years ago, franc hung may be, or the ethics-could have a Committee, delivered an empty reference. But not in the post-Weinstein climate. And maybe other politicians will now be evaluated in the post-CHF climate.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of five books and has its headquarters in Washington. You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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