icipant Miljoenenjacht want to stopped game to finish

icipant Miljoenenjacht want to stopped game to finish

The man who in 2013 accidentally press the red button and bustle in the tv-show Miljoenenjacht want to complete the game.

That is one of the options that lawyer Peter Plasman on Monday in a proceedings on the merits in the district court in Amsterdam on behalf of the former player suggested. “It would also be very nice television stories.”

Plasman wants the judge finds that something has gone wrong during the quiz, when Arnold van den Hurk from Son to say that by mistake on the red button is pressed, and thus an amount of 125,000 euros accepted.

Later it turned out that in his case the grand prize of 5 million euro was. Van den Hurk gave that it was not meant that he pressed the button and that he had wanted to play. Producer Endemol was, however, against.


The civil court judge on 13 september on the issue. According to Plasman, if Van den Hurk will get right, the game is still to be finished. Van den Hurk is from the point of view of the lawyer owner of the suitcase of the 5 million because he himself had picked out, but for a sequel, he can of this waiver and should the remaining cases can be re-scrambled.

His client does what the counsellor is not away from the already received 125,000 euros. Another possibility is the requirements of a compensation with a maximum height of the forfeited amount, said Plasman.


The lawyer of Endemol, Jacqueline Schaap, let all know that playing is not because of the rules that apply to games of chance. The amount in the suitcase was, according to her, not yet. van den Hurk. “The game only allows for a chance at a prize.”

The candidate knew all too well what it pressing the red button meant, the councillor. “He says that it was by the tension and stress, but that are an essential part of the game.”

According to Schaap, moreover, was sufficiently clear that the producer was in charge of the rules of the game and not the presenter Linda de Mol or the notary, who had been in this matter are answered.

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