in the brain found that determines how fast someone gets drunk

in the brain found that determines how fast someone gets drunk

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Researchers have a part in the brain discovered that is decisive for whether or not quickly enough. The discovery will in the future, to avoid that people drink too much.

Would cause the sensitivity of a receptor (receiver) are found in the cerebellum, also known as the little brain. This mechanism is part of the central nervous system and is at the back of the skull.

When the receptor is relatively insensitive, it takes much longer before it is stimulated than in humans, where the mechanism is sensitive to. This results in symptoms of intoxication such as the removal of social inhibitions, or impaired motor skills.

Due to the sensitivity of this receptor to increase, known under the name of GABAA, can be taken to prevent people drinking too much. The researchers, from the university of Washington, have their findings published in the Journal of Neuroscience.


The researchers came to the conclusion after examining mice. There were special mice bred with the receptors were sensitive to alcohol. These animals were not long on a rotating cylinder will remain after a certain amount of alcohol had which was equal to one to two glasses for men.

Mice that are insensitive were for alcohol could on the cylinder remain after the consumed three times as much alcohol. After this group, a special drug was administered, it prevented the mice to drink more alcohol to drink.

“It reflects the human situation”, says research David Rossi. “If you’re sensitive for the negative effects of alcohol, you are less likely to drink. You brake the part that makes sure that your motor is working properly.”

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