Parliament Turkey supports expansion power Erdogan

Parliament Turkey supports expansion power Erdogan

Photo: AFP

The Turkish parliament is Saturday morning early, agreed to an amendment to the constitution that the power of president Recep Tayyp Erdogan significantly expands.

The result, however, was: 339 for and 142 against, not enough to take the bill directly into law. First, will the people in a referendum decide on the proposal.

By the reform until 2019 step-by-step would be introduced, given the president the ability to decree, to govern. Also he gets more influence on the judiciary and the function of prime minister abolished. The number of periods remains at two, but the count would be in 2019 start again. In theory, it would Erdogan, therefore, to 2034 president.

In the past two weeks led the subject regularly to heated debates and even brawls in the parliament.


Erdogan argues that the presidential system stability and necessary to growing challenges in the field of economics and safety to cope. Opponents are afraid that a president who is busy with tackling political opponents, activists, academics and journalists have more power.

In the Turkish parliamentary system for a direct amendment to the constitution a majority of at least 367 of the total of 550 members of parliament is required. Proposals that get the support of between 330 and 367 deputies to be by referendum to the voters for approval.

The plebiscite will probably take place in april, as reported to members of Erdogan’s party AKP.

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