Paris Jackson bears no music career

Paris Jackson bears no music career

Photo: AFP

Paris Jackson feels little for a career in music. That she says in an interview with the magazine CR Fashion Book.

The 18-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson writes some songs. “I’ll do that as a sort of outlet, but I see it for myself, not a career in play.”

According to Jackson, there are in her family’s many talented artists. “I am also the music would go, that would be the way I go about music think change. And that is just something that I don’t want.”

Jackson hasn’t really thought carefully about what she wants with her life. She is now doing some modeling, but this is not a long career for her. “I also like to get to playacting thought, but actually I want bigger things to do. I believe in activism.”

According to Jackson, many people of her generation are angry because the government is failing. “I hope that this year will be my generation to rise and shows how it should be.” She wants to know that the changes in a peaceful manner. “We have implemented action for the same-sex marriage, and that worked and we exported the fight for equal treatment of man and woman. Also that happened.”

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