Paris 2024 is open to add eSports to the olympic program

Paris 2024 is open to add eSports to the olympic program

The organising committee of the Olympic Games in 2024 in Paris is open to eSports at the olympic program to add.

“We should be looking at, because we can not say: ‘it does not belong to the Play,” said co-president Tony Estanguet of Paris 2024 in conversation with news agency AP. “The youth is interested in eSports, so let’s think about it and with them to talk about it.”

“I don’t want to directly say no to eSports. I think it’s interesting to be in conversation with the IOC and the eSports family to better understand why it is such a success.”

Last year turned video game competitions worldwide sales of approximately 440 million euro. The expectation is that in 2020 has increased to more than a billion euros. In addition, over 300 million people last year watched eSports competitions.

ly due to that popularity, the organisation of the Asian Games, the Asian version of the Olympic Games, decided to take eSports to add to his program for the edition of 2022.

“The IOC has the final voice or eSports olympic is,” says Estanguet. “But we go there in any case with each other to discuss it.”

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Paris is officially not yet appointed as the organizer of the Olympic Games of 2024, but that vote is expected to be only a formality at an IOC congress in september in the Peruvian capital, Lima.

The program of the Games of 2024 will not be until after the upcoming olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo to be definitively determined.

The IOC certain last year that host cities themselves also exercise may contribute to the olympic program. So chose Tokyo for the add of base – and softball.

In the Japanese capital will be the sport surfing, skateboarding, karate and sport climbing debut at the Games. The IOC hopes, with this workout, especially a younger audience to interest.

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