Parents Jan Versteegh thought he was gay

Parents Jan Versteegh thought he was gay

The parents of Jan Versteegh thought during his adolescence that he was gay. When the presenter was fifteen years old, took his father and mother to him during a holiday apart for a conversation.

“They asked you not to tell something? I didn’t, so said ‘no’. Then said my father suddenly: Jan, whatever it is, we will always continue to keep”, says Versteegh Monday in Linda’s Zomerweek.

After that message went there with teenager Versteegh, “ring a bell”. “I said: o, you think I’m gay. Then my mother said: maybe you still don’t, but if that day comes, then we will be there.” The assumption of his parents, brother and sister has the presenter even years, haunted. “Also when I a friend got, it was at home: look out hear, he is gay.”

Versteegh find it crazy that someone’s orientation is still an issue in our country. “The fact that in the Netherlands, as a gay, lesbian or transgender still need to explain what you are and what you choose in life, I think that’s so ridiculous,” says the presenter.

“Does one ask to me: do you like guinea pigs? But whether you are men or women, is still a discussion”, says Versteegh. “While no one really comes on, just as or I of the guinea pigs and the like.”


That in the Netherlands there still a point is made of a person’s orientation, encouraged the presenter of last year with his TV colleague Tim Hofman from the clothes to go for L Gay. “Then we thought: we’ll cut on the cover.”

According to Versteegh has he been all his life haunted by rumors that he is gay. “People think it still is”, said the presenter, who this autumn, his first child with his wife. According to Versteegh, he still surprised reactions when people hear that he has a girlfriend.

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