“Parents feel guilty if their child is not every day wash’

“Parents feel guilty if their child is not every day wash’

Parents would feel guilty if their child is not every day washing, while showering every day unsanitary seems. It would eczema cause.

This concludes dermatologist Marjolein Leenarts after study, 1.021 men and women were interviewed. 68 percent said their child daily, to wash and 56 percent gave a bad parent to feel like they did not.

75 percent of the respondents think that eczema is a sign of lack of care. But excessive hygiene in the form of hands washing and showering, is a common cause of eczema.

Leenarts: “A daily shower is for many children and adults a habit. But your skin is fashioned with a washcloth at the sink a lot better.”

Of the parents that their child a few days do not wash, show one in four makes a bad parent. It is striking that men (26 percent) is more likely to be a bad parent than women (16 percent) when the child is not washed daily.


70 percent of the respondents has a parent on the hygiene of his or her child will be addressed.

A quarter of the respondents finds it dirty to the water to wash. Leenarts: “it is better to Use shower or bath products oil-based skin and protect dehydration.”

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