Parents also killed a British teenager to speak the president’s Home on accident”

The Us president, when He does, the parents will be provided by the British teenager, in August in England, was also killed by a Us diplomatenvrouw. That reports the BBC on Wednesday.

On the 27th of August this year, the nineteen-year-old Harry Dunn in the region of Northampton was intrigued by the 42-year-old diplomatenvrouw Anne Sacoolas. Dunn passed away after a short time.

Sacoolas said immediately after the incident to the police, that they’re excited and totally wanted to participate in the study. She said it has no plans to leave the country, but it traveled a short time later, however, returned to the United States of america.

The parents of Mitchell were Sunday in New York city. The parents wanted it to be Sacoolas was going to come back to the Uk, but He chimed in. Sacoolas was in the White House as the next of kin, wanted her to talk to.

The woman is not diplomatically immune

The next of kin of the said Dunn had a Saturday in a letter to the British minister of Foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab, stated that both the British and the American government, is that the woman is not entitled to diplomatic immunity.

In the UK, wanted to ensure her immunity is rejected, it would be that the woman honestly tried to. The US agreed, in view of the fact Sacoolas to go back to her home, was gone.

The family of Dunn, said in a comment, hoping that the woman has yet volunteered to come back, and that her decision to move to the US, travelling is simply a result of bad advice from the U.s. government.


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