Papadopoulos, the head of Greece $10G payment, says that it was intended to retrieve a lure in the trap

nearvideo Mueller in testimony to Congress resists GOP push to reveal more about the $10k payment to Papadopoulos

Former 2016 Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos weighs in on the $10,000 payment he received in Israel.

The former trump adviser George Papadopoulos told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo in an exclusive interview, that he fell back to Greece to retrieve the $10,000 that he was suspected in his lap as part of an entrapment scheme, in terms of the CIA or FBI and Federal investigators, the marked bills, which he said are now kept in a vault.

Papadopoulos said on “Sunday Morning Futures” he was “very happy” to Devin Nunes, R-Calif., grill Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the summer of 2017, the payment in the course of the last week of the hearings-even if Müller maintained, without explanation, that the was the subject of outside the scope of his investigation.

“I was very happy to see that Devin brought Nunes, said,” Papadopoulos. “A man by the name of Charles Tawil gave me the money [in Israel], under very suspicious circumstances. A simple Google search on this Person will reveal that he is a CIA or State Department asset in South Africa during the 90s and early 2000s was. I think around the time when Bob Miller was the Director of the FBI.

“So, I have my theory, what was the about everything’ve,” Papadopoulos. “The money, I gave it to my lawyer in Greece, because I felt it was me under very suspicious circumstances. And on the back I had about seven or eight FBI in the United States, agents rummaging through my Luggage in search of money.”


According to Papadopoulos, “the whole setup” with the “FBI likely, or even the special counsel’ s office,” was intended to “bring a FARA [Foreign Agents Registration Act] violation against me.” The FARA Statute, played a Central role in the prosecution of the former trump aides, including Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort.

Papadopoulos said Bartiromo in may that he wanted the authorities to take a look at the money trail.

“I want the Congress, [Bill] Barr, [DOJ inspector General Michael] Horowitz, and [U.S. attorney General John] Huber, review of the bills, because I still think the bills, and I, they are marked,” Papadopoulos said. “These bills are still in Athens now needs to be examined by the investigators, because I think they are marked, and you go all the way back to the DOJ, the former FBI under [James] Comey, and also the Müller-team.”


He added: “When the Miller’s team is around entrapping campaign staff and trump employees, the way you did to me — I’m sure that it’s not just me, you have it — it opens a huge can of worms,” said Papadopoulos. “I think we need to get to the bottom of exactly, not only how this story came start, but why they were entrapping us move forward.”

Told that, allegedly, 2017 episode, Papadopoulos said, “I was stretched out once more from another person that wanted to do business with me to. And I was on holiday with my then girlfriend, now wife, in Greece, and he comes to me, he says, why don’t you come to Israel with me and let us talk together, to work together I’m going to Israel with him, and he falls to the $10,000 in my lap in a room in Tel Aviv. I don’t understand what is happening, I am very confused by the events. I fly to Athens the next day and give the money to my lawyers, and this person tells me he wants his money back, so I immediately thought there was something wrong.”

In a court filing last year, Mueller wrote that Papadopoulos “will provide information on over $10,000 in cash that he by a foreign national, which he believed was the likelihood of an intelligence officer from a foreign country (except Russia).”


“The defendant explained that he kept the money in a safe pending his sentencing in this case and the defendant’s lawyer has consented to the imposition of a fine in the amount,” Mueller wrote team.

Papadopoulos pleaded guilty, in the year 2017, to lie to Federal investigators, and Müller prison time recommended that he serve in the tray. The former trump served as aide-de-camp, ultimately, only 12 days in jail and paid a $9,500 fine.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of justice, the internal review of the Russia-investigation of the concentration on transcripts of recordings by the at least one state source that with Papadopoulos in overseas in the year 2016, specifically on the search, why certain “exculpatory” material from them is not guaranteed in subsequent applications for monitoring, according to two sources familiar with the assessment.

The sources also said the review of the taking a closer look at the actual start-date of original-FBI-investigation on possible collusion between the members of the Trump campaign, and the Russians, as some claim, the probe began earlier than previously thought. Both of these components to be key in the review, which is currently led by Barr, and the U.S. attorney from Connecticut, John Durham — an effort that is sure to draw more attention in the coming weeks and months, now that Müller the testimony is over.


The images in question relate to discussions between the government sources and Papadopoulos, perpetuated in the copies. A source told Fox News that Barr and Durham check why the material was left from applications to other former trump campaign aide, Carter guards page.

“I think it’s the smoking gun,” said the source.

“These recordings have the exculpatory evidence,” added the source. “It is a standard, craft, record, conversations with people like Papadopoulos — especially if you are abroad, and there are no restrictions.”

Before 2016 presidential elections, Papadopoulos’s professor Joseph Mifsud in London, who told him that the Russians had dirt in the form of E-Mails that could damage Hillary Clinton’s election campaign presidency met with Malte. Papadopoulos, then of the Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, the new information said. Fly in the ointment is reported by Papadopoulos’ comments to him to the FBI.

Rep. John Ratcliffe zeros in on the discharge line in question for Robert Müller

Texas Republicans-Rep. John Ratcliffe says, the Democrats and the special counsel deprived the President Trump the presumption of innocence.

A source told Fox News that the “exculpatory statements” included in the transcripts is Papadopoulos to deny any contact with the Russians to get to the supposed “dirt” on Clinton.

On Sunday, Papadopoulos said “Sunday Morning Futures”, the “about the moment I stepped in the trump campaign, I was invited by the former foreign Minister of Italy to meet, Joseph Mifsud, after I was presented with this foreign Minister, from a company I used to work for the MI6. Clear, therefore, that there is some sort of global or at least European radar on me, while I lived in London, and as soon as I was of the accession of the trump campaign-not even the media knew at the time-I am introduced to Joseph Mifsud, in Rome, in a school that trains the CIA and the FBI.”

He added: “So that’s why I was introduced to Joseph Mifsud, and why this company is Joseph Mifsud introduced me, and now we know that you are connected, MI6 and the FBI, to make the matter more suspicious and much more negative, in my opinion.”


Papadopoulos has not only to perform, with Mifsud and Downer while overseas. He met with Cambridge-professor and long-time FBI informant, Stefan Halper and his co-worker, who went under the Pseudonym of Anna Turk. Papadopoulos told Fox News that he saw the Turks three times in London: once for drinks, once for dinner and once with Halper. He also told Fox News in may that he suspected he was being recorded. Further, he tweeted during the Mueller’s testimony about the “shots” – during his meeting with Downer.

It is unclear, at this point, of these people, recorded conversations with Papadopoulos signed. Mifsud was not strikingly calculated, in Müller’s sample — a point that Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican, hammered again and again in the course of the last week of the hearings.

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S. C., now a Fox News contributor, first of all, the presence of the transcripts of secretly recorded conversations between an FBI informant and Papadopoulos earlier this year to be signaled.

“If the Bureau is to send in an informant, the informant is wired, and if the Bureau is to recognise the monitoring of the phone calls, it is a Protocol that,” Gowdy said in may on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” he was aware of the files and suggests they contain exculpatory information.

Fox News’ Brooke Singman and Maria Bartiromo contribued to this report.

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