Panamanian Anibal Godoy: “We are what emotionally by the development of the race’

Panama midfielder Anibal Godoy was the defeat which he Monday night in Sotjsi his team suffered against the Red Devils (3-0) put things into perspective.

Anibal Godoy (R) © Belga Image

“We have done what the trainer has asked us, but the brilliant goal by Mertens has the match in the second half to overturn. It is difficult for us. We are what emotion through the race. We know that we have a better result could have books. Although this defeat is bitter, we should be proud of our performance in the first half, ” said Godoy after the game.

The same Godoy was just before the race even noticed when he came in tears to the national anthem sang. “I sang the national anthem as I had to do it, with emotion. At a world cup to participate is a dream for every player and here in Russia the national anthem may be sing to everybody was fantastic.”

Also captain Roman Torres saw a ray of hope in the performance of his team: “I’m a little sad for this defeat, but I think we are in the first half, a few chances have had. In the second part of the match scored Belgium an extraordinary goal, and we let several stitches fall. The team has, however, played well and was organized on the field.”

The defender will therefore find that the Panamanians in the same way have to play against England as they would be in the first half played against Belgium. “We need to compact play and little space to the opponent. We may not more of the same small mistakes, because this team has strong and fast players. That you may not have space to give.”

The sympathy that the other countries have for the voetbaldwerg have the players according to Torres earned through hard work and succeed. “There are a lot of Panamanians to Russia traveled, and that makes us very happy. We also received a lot of support from the Russian supporters. That is not only sympathetic, it is also motivating.’ (Belga)

Football world cup 2018 in Russia

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