Pamela Anderson says she ‘sent faux fur coats’ to Melania Trump, Kim Kardashian: They have ‘sworn off fur since’

Pamela Anderson says she ‘sent faux fur coats’ to Melania Trump, Kim Kardashian: ‘Both of them have sworn off fur because,’ the former ‘Baywatch’ – star comments.


Pamela Anderson does PETA proud.

In a personal essay she wrote for the Guardian, the 51-year-old former Playboy model talked about how her relationship with veganism has shifted in the course of the years, and how her animal rights activism has trickled to a number of other famous people, such as Kim Kardashian and Melania Trump.

While she admitted to wearing a lot of tight leather in the past without a second thought, Anderson explains: “today, I would not wear fur, and I don’t want to glorify, by the transfer of counterfeit, but it’s still better than wearing someone else’s skin. I sent faux fur jackets to Melania Trump and Kim Kardashian, and both of them have sworn off the coat since.”

Anderson’s children are also following in her animal-friendly footsteps. “On my sons’ modeling contracts now, it says no fur. They are both vegan, too, but I’ve never forced it on them,” she wrote.

As for her hyper-sexy persona, thanks to these iconic jogging along the beach, pin-up model said: “I had never thought much about the red bathing suit I wore on ‘Baywatch.’ It was a beach show, and I thought that everyone was watching for the message — it was sweet! I do not think that any of us tried to act sexy. Perhaps that’s the producers that in mind, but we were not to think.”

And while she now gravitates in the direction of colorful, ” feminine, simple clothing,” Anderson wrote: “I never thought that I would a style icon. In the beginning of my career, I wasn’t really a fan of the clothing.”

This article originally appeared on Page Six.

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