Palm trees in Canada? It could happen in ‘decades’

Palm trees are sprinkled with snow in front of the Gothic Cathedral of Milan, Italy, on 2 March 2018.

(AP Photo/Antonio Calanni, File)

Utah, Ohio, usa, and Canada might soon be dotted with palm trees, because welcome to the climate change. According to a 2007 study that found palm trees in the hills at the foot of the Swiss Alps, an international team of researchers to learn how cold is too cold for palm trees.

In surveying global data, they decided the most palm species (there are 2,500) grow in the wild and in a region of the coldest month above 41.36 degrees Celsius on average, per Atlas Obscura.

A handful of cold tolerant palms such as the windmill palm, however, can grow in areas with a coldest month temperature is above 36 degrees on average. With an average temperature of 34 degrees in January, Washington, DC, is not quite there, researchers say, but beware it can get hot enough “in the coming decades” in order to palms to flourish, reports

The same is true for the Northeast, Northwest, parts of Canada, and other parts of the world who long to cold for palms. “In all of these areas, palm trees, people in the gardens of the flowering and the setting fruit,” study co-author David Greenwood says, per Earther.

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But “just because you can grow the windmill palm, or other cold-tolerant palm in your garden in Utah, British Columbia, or Ohio, does not mean that species can colonize in the nearby woods.” For that to happen, seedlings are less tolerant of the cold than the mature plants—need to be able to survive their first winter, and that “a little more global warming,” Greenwood says.

The research in the Scientific Reports also looked at the palms in the fossil record, noting their presence indicates a minimum temperature of about 36 degrees. (Los Angeles is losing its palm trees.)

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