Pakistan warns of possible genocide by India in the disputed region of Kashmir

Pakistan accuses neighbouring India of its genocide to intend to commit in the region of Kashmir and the United Nations (UN) to intervene.

According to the Pakistani Foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the “illegal military occupation” by India in Kashmir, as the local muslim population in order to remove it.

The disputed region is located in the north-west of India, on the border with the united states of america. Both countries have claim to a part of the country. Qureshi expressed to the charge on Tuesday during a meeting with the un human rights Council of the United Nations in Geneva.

“The situation of the people in Jammu and Kashmir is very reminiscent of Rwanda, of Srebrenica, of the Rohingya, and of Gujarat”, referring Qureshi to the above examples of the crime of genocide.

“I groove on the idea of the word genocide, but under the circumstances I can’t do anything. The people of Kashmir are oppressed because of their nationality, ethnicity, race or religion, and is in serious danger.”

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Pakistan wants UN intervention in the region

After his meeting with the united nations, said Qureshi at the journalists that “the world does not move and the need to keep up on this issue”. If that is the case, I will be guilty of criminal negligence.”

Pakistan calls upon the united nations Security council to intervene in the region because it believes that talks with India will not and will lead to a bilateral agreement signed between the two countries is not possible.

India-performing for the past four decades, hard against the separatist militants in the Region. The country blames Pakistan for its moslem rebels with financial and material support. Pakistan denies that, and argues only with the political support of the population.

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Tension, since in India, the autonomy of Kashmir has been revoked

India withdrew in August, after seventy-five years for the independence of Kashmir. Since then it has been in the region of at this moment, in which there is little or no contact with the outside world as possible.

In the past few weeks, several clashes between security forces and muslims have been up to. India, therefore, has a curfew in the area.


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