Pakistan warns India and the world kernwapenoorlog to the Region

The Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan warned that the actions of India and around the state of Kashmir-to a bloody war between the two countries to be able to lead, writes in The Guardian of Friday night. Both Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons at his disposal.

At the United Nations general assembly in New York city and called One of the situation in the Region was a “test” for the UN, since the conflict between Pakistan and India, the consequences would be for the rest of the world.”

One hopes that, as the united nations to quickly intervene, but we still have the situation “closely,” to keep an eye on.

The government of prime minister Narendra Modi took to the state of the Region at the beginning of August have been considered. In the country, the Region is permanently open, however, the disputed region in the north-west of India, also has an Aircraft part.

That country responded vigorously to the decision of India and said that the local people as “animals” is being dealt with. In the meantime, more than a thousand people have been arrested in the state, which currently has no traffic, or a mobile telephone is possible.

Modi said on Friday in New York, but it was not to be the situation in the Region. However, he said several times that he was “in peace and harmony in the region or country.


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