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The actor, who played the role of a man in a notorious Bunch of bike commercial gave to his real-life girlfriend, is not so much of a surprise for christmas. Hopefully, his girlfriend, and the year of the bike is going to be better than any of his on-screen wife was doing.

Actor Sean Hunter in a picture of his girlfriend with a new Bunch of bike is on Instagram (his account name is correct, it is Pelotonhusband). The photo with the caption, “we’re hoping this will go better the second time… but Merry Christmas to my friend, please don’t leave me.”


The game was heading, and refers to the impact of a commercial that he starred in earlier this year, the bike company. In the ad, a man gives his wife a Bunch of bike for the Christmas. She spent the next year chronicling the use of the bicycle, which, it seems, in the first instance, be excited about it, but it shows a reluctance to use it all year round.

By the commercial’s end, they will use the bike for a year, and says that it is her.

The commercial went viral, but not for the reasons of Squad in the hope of it, however. It was mocked online, and the spouse is referred to as “offensive” and “a symbol of the patriarchy.”


Hunter, an actor and a primary school teacher in Vancouver, Canada, wrote a lengthy comment on the Psychology Today ” about his experiences in the commercial that he shot in September, claiming the clip was first posted, it was “well received.”

A couple of comments, one of my friends came over and the general consensus was that it was an even call it that, ” I’ve always known that you were in the big time.’ I appreciate the compliment, but, in my opinion, it is only a small part. I was very grateful for the experience.”


However, the positive reception was to be of short duration, when the video went viral, ” he says, and now he is afraid that he is going to haunt him for the rest of his career.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My 5 seconds of air time, created an array of adverse feedback which has been attached to my face,” he said in a Psychology Today essay.

Fox News’ Alexandra Deabler, contributed to this report.

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